@ReviewMe! I'm @tryskele ≧◠‿◠≦✌

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@ReviewMe! I'm @tryskele ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

Tell about myself.... Not one of my favorite topics. First off, I am a girl, I guess woman is more appropriate since I do have 2 grown kids. I feel I am pretty open-minded. I speak from the heart, yet logically if that even makes sense. I guess I have 2 sides, the analytical and free-spirit. Such a combination LOL. If you have read my posts, I think you can understand what I am saying. I feel I am a bit of a conundrum. I try to be truthful, honest and mostly myself. I spend so many years running away from what I had become, I had to stop and start to love who and what I am. I am a work in progress, I always will be. I think that as long as we're willing to grow and adapt. Life takes on a new meaning.

My goals..... they're a work in progress. It keeps changing. Life changes, so the goals change too. My goal for Steemit. Is to really work with others help them grow, to educate people on various aspects of not only Steemit, but life. There is so much we take for granted. Learning to accept frustration and how to persevere. If I can eventually make money that is a dream, since joining Steemit my primary goal changed from making money to more of being supportive of the community as a whole. The 2 biggest groups I work with are Steemit Greeters Guild @greetersguild and #PayItForward Weekly Curation Contests. I have recently joined @asapers and do share from time to time with @newbieresteemday. All of these groups/initiatives believe in promoting good quality content. The believe in promoting or as I say 'shine a light on someone who needs a little boost or lift up.' After seeing some numbers lately on retention, it is sad that we're losing more people than create new accounts. I think that has to do with the misconception, that you can log in and make money quick. If you start from scratch, you have to work, be visible. To me that's where I come in. Give suggestions of groups, using my postings through the groups I work with to help others grow.


Currently live in Grand Junction, Colorado. Have lived in California, Missouri and Illinois

Contact Info:

Best way to reach me is on Discord @tryskele#3570


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5 cred stars

Come to know that @tryskele is an amazing person that works hard to support the community here on steemit, and more importantly for @pifc. Thank you for all your efforts!

Thank you @thedarkhorse. It's easy and fun when you enjoy what you do. You and the others make it so simple.

5 cred stars
There was this time when I ended up on a surgeon's table and long story short was hit with some hefty bills post-operation. :) I wrote about it and @tryskele was one of the first people to respond to my emergency and sent me some crypto to help me with the costs! She always re-steems my posts and supports tons of people from so many different communities here on steemit. A person filled with so much positivity deserves more than just 5 stars! Motivational blogger, too, and worth a follow for sure.

Thank [email protected] :) It means a lot coming from you. Just work on getting better!!

5 cred stars
you give so much and never ask or expect anything in return . You have a true honest sprite that has enriched me by knowing and interacting with you . thank you for all you do

Thank you....now you're making me all mushy. You make it easy for me to do as well as a few others. I just love I am being able to do something that makes me happy. I guess it's showing.

5 cred stars i'm still really really new and attempting to learn how steemit all works .. i appreciate all you are doing to help us newbie minnows... thank you, wx (((o))))

You are very welcome @holydoodle. I try, I struggled for a good 2 to 3 months. I am definitely not an expert, but I have learned alot from people like @wolfhart. Learning the ins and outs. If you ever need help don't hesitate to ask. I am not sure if you're familiar with Discord. That seems to be the best way to reach me. I will respond a soon as I am able to.

5 cred stars

This is a no brainer for me @tryskele! You are so kind, caring and giving of yourself on here; you really do care my friend, and that is what makes the difference!

Thank you @lynncoyle1. That means a lot to me. I try to. I guess I'm a hippie at heart LOL I just want everyone to be free, enjoy life and love each other. Meeting you and Brian has had a major impact on how I look at things too. Well, it more kicked it into action.

You are welcome @tryskele 😅 haha I think I'm a hippie at heart too! I'm glad Brian and I "kicked it into action"; I love hearing things like that because it kind of gives this all a bit more purpose, if that makes sense.

It completely makes sense :) I know Brian has tirelessly been thanking everyone. But Thank you to both of you.

5 cred stars

You are my person. I am so glad that I have started to get to know you outside of work. You are a wonderful person. You are one of the best people that I have the pleasure of knowing. You are honest and heartfelt. You speak from what you are feeling and the hand that life has dealt you, but also with a strong voice of reason. You are my person and I love you.