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I wrote about this in google from using myanmar language but only one person used this from. I will write again in steemit using english language. If someone want to read using myanmar language please use the following link:

Reviewme Profile Project is established by @kaliju. If somebody use the template correctly he/she will receive 100% upvote from @kaliju. Reviewme Profile is needed to post with esteem so he will also get some heart from @esteem and good-karma. I will not add the template here because the chance of getting flag is high. I will give the orginal link instead.

I like their slogan

Your TRUE Reputation On As Decided By The Community!

You true reputation is not decided by bid bots.

You can request your friends to give stars on your post as a comment. You reputation is decided by the stars.

How many credibility stars can YOU collect? What is your TRUE reputation among steemians? What are you best known for? Have you done something great for the community? Get recognized for it! Are you an artist and people love your work? Collect their feedback! Create your very own @ReviewMe profile now and find out where you really stand as a person on!

This is what he wrote. Are you ready to find your stars?
Just copy the template and fill as needed.

What I have to do with collected stars?
Don't worry you can trade with SBD. This is the best parts. So will you start finding your stars. Don't forget to use #reviewme as a hashtag.

You can trade your earned credstars for SBD!

Source LInk:

How can I trade with SBD?

You will need to send a link to your #reviewme profile page to the @reviewme account. It will then send you SBD!!!

I am not very clear that you can send credstars lower than 100. May you earn a lot of stars.


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