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RE: My Review me profile, please leave your feedback about @crazybgadventure. ≧◠‿◠≦✌

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5 cred stars

Crazy has been my "pirate friend" for SO long now! hehehee always ready for an adventure! I love seeing the kind of ideas he cooks up (haha his new cooking show! no pun intended) to appeal to the Steemiverse! He seems to be the "go-to" radio show stand-in when a host can't arrive - so that should tell you something about his personality! :) We missed your energy Crazy - and we're so glad you're back to entertain us more and more!! :)


Thank you so much @dreemsteem it is great to be back in the fold and working with you guys who have been doing a splendid job in my absence. Arrrrggghhhh cap'n thank you fer not makin me swab the decks. Arrrggghhhh.

Oh..I never be sayin' that ye off the hook for them decks!!!!! Get to swabbin'!!!!! ☠️😂

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