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@ReviewMe! I'm @ashikstd (Al Amin) ≧◠‿◠≦✌



About Me:

Firstly, I'm a student. Secondly, I'm a professional graphic designer with over 5 years of experience. I worked on a some printing factory as the lead designer but doing so i was getting bored. So I quit that job.

I wanted to lead my life as a successful freelancer but didn't find support there either.
After that I've found out about steemit from friends.
Now I'm at steemit for more than three months and I'm am a steemians.

I like to capture every good moments through the lens of my camera.
I see myself as an amateur photographer.

I want to do something for steemit platform.


I live in Dhaka City, in Bangladesh.

Contact Info:

I can be found on discord ashikstd#5058


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I'm so fortunate having lots of well wishers who supports me through most of the steps here. I'm gonna need those supporters again here to give me a positive review. I know, I'll find much supports here also and for that I thank those supporters in advance.



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5 cred stars
@ashikstd A good guy, because he is my #steem teacher.
I know everything about #steem from him.
Let me communicate with it @juwel2018 brother.
so one thing I'm forget to say →
I hope in future we will get more information from @ashikstd about steem.

thanks for your great comment.
hope, I'll be able to support you through this journey.
just keep supporting me like you guys always do.

5 cred stars
i hope you will do better in your life and virtual world. best of luck.

thank you so much.
i wish you the same.

Such a nice person. My brother. It's awesome to be with him. A great personality. A great photographer i have ever seen. Nice journey bro.

thanks brother.
you're a real brother to me.
waiting to see your reviewme profile also.

5 cred stars
you're a great person.
i know about steemit because of you.
hope, i'll be able to do good in future as o can't be free nowadays.
best wishes for you.

thanks for the nice comment.
i wish your success and looking forward to your reviewme profile.

5 cred stars

Your photos are top notch. It is always great to see an entry from you in my photo contest because you have a special way of capturing the beauty of your country and its people. Thank you for all that you are doing here on Steemit. Keep it up.

Thanks for your support.

5 cred stars

Very good person,very helpful steemians,we need some more bd steemians like him.

very nice of you brother.
keep supporting me.

you lives in which place in dhaka?

Savar beside National Memeorial.

5 cred stars
i hope you will do better in your life and virtual world. best of luck.

5 cred stars

praying for your success here.

thanks brother.
looking forward to your support.

5 cred stars
It's good to have you here.
carry on and we'll follow you.

thanks brother.

5 cred stars
@ashiksted is very good boy because your maind is very Strong i liek you brother i hope you success in steemit....and Online Work ....thank you everyone

thanks brother for the nice compliment.
hope i'll have enough support from everyone.

5 cred stars
@ashikstd Of course, a good steemit user. he taught me a lot about steemit and taught me how to do work steemit and success.

thanks brother.
hope, we'll grow together here.

5 cred stars

Go on.
hope, you'll be a successful steemian one day.

thanks buddy.
hope to see your success too.

5 cred stars

Ashik bro is the best ever person I've met in my life .. He is my teacher of Online Earning.. moreover he is a Motivational man . He always tries to motivate everyone .He is really very efficient & hard working .. Bro salute you ... I never want to lose him from my life ..

feeling proud man (paam to valoi dewa paren).
You've given this wonderful comment at the right moment (moteo na, bolar chaar din por dsen)
Hope, You'll do better in your life (valo hon, miya)

Thank u man ( boro vai k pam to dewai lage miya )
I know that I gave the comment at the right moment ( College er jonno PC tei boshi na ,,apnar jonno boisi )
I am really proud that I could give a 5 star rating ( 2 star koira falamu kintu ) LOL