Wearable device beginner's galaxy watch active 2 months review (pros and cons)

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Wearable device beginner's galaxy watch active 2 months review (pros and cons)

With the release of Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Watch Active 2 is scheduled to be released together.

So before it's too late, let's write down the Galaxy Watch Active User, which reminds us of the end and is still up to date.

Share photos before entering. Except for the last photo, it was taken on the day of receipt.

Display screen is off

After you wear it,

I also took a ride.

After coming back, I wore the shower as usual.

I also received this application.

I received this product exactly on June 3, 19 and started using it. The color is black.

I'd like to talk about the pros and cons as a simple personal and pros and cons.


  1. Clean design

I personally like the design.

I agree with the comment that the bezel is relatively thick, but I wonder if the screen could be a bit burdensome if I increased the size of the display by reducing the bezel.

And there is a luxurious face of the Galaxy. It's black, so it doesn't bounce more, but it also reflects light on an off display, drawing attention. When I talk to the other person, sometimes I feel the other person is pushing my wrist.

  1. Various clock screens

There are many kinds of clock face designs than I thought.

Honestly, there are only three main screens that we actually use. When I want to get a little tired, I alternate between three designs that I like, but I think it's a pleasure to let users see and select different types of designs.

  1. Clear notification

You can always put your phone in vibrate or silent mode, which can sometimes prevent you from answering calls. But since this guy was worn on my wrist, I couldn't say that I hadn't picked up a phone call when I was in the PC room without my girlfriend's secret. .

  1. Increased interest in health

I didn't care how many steps I walked. I didn't care how long I walked and how far I walked. I didn't care how long I was sitting on the job. Of course, sleep time is also natural.

I've seen nothing since I've watched. It's own wheat flour. My daily activity, my workouts, my hourly movements give me a compliment if I meet each of the three criteria, or if I don't meet the right amount, there's no compliment. Also, when I have to sit and work for about an hour, I will vibrate to stretch, and if I walk a little bit, I will tell you that I am walking this much or when it is time to walk.

I've been constantly receiving these kinds of notifications, so it seems that my watch has generated a minimum of attention.

  1. Wireless charging

While buying the Galaxy S10, the wireless charging function is good, but I really wanted to use it, but since I started using the watch, I've been using it for a while.

good. The Galten charges wirelessly, and the watch becomes wireless.


  1. Not enough battery time

It is two days to take a long time after charging. I know it's a lot longer than it used to be, but I'm new to wearable devices, and I'm not really satisfied with the absolute standards. I am used to recharging my mobile phone from time to time, but the watch is cumbersome to untie and wear again.

And charging often is the same as removing it from your wrist, which is wearable. Considering that it's a clock, I know it's not a big complaint to finish off the day, but I'm greedy if it's been a little longer. Normally, the time to sleep all the time is about to sleep .. I want to check the sleeping time while wearing and sleeping. After all, I give up charging or give up the sleeping time check.

  1. Traffic card compatible

In conclusion, I wanted to try it once, but I can't use it yet because it is not connected.

The card I use as a transportation card is a BC card and a postpaid card. I don't know if the card company is not compatible or if I'm not special, but I still get a message saying that the connection failed. I just tried it and the result is the same. If you have any way to solve this problem, I would appreciate it.

  1. Wireless charging method through mobile phone

Find a place to be wirelessly charged. I'm not sure if the problem is the wireless charging function of the phone or the watch that can't find the charging spot, but it should be placed well in the middle to start charging.

And in order to charge the watch, you have to remove the phone case and charge it. When I tried to put on a case to charge my friend's mobile phone, and when I reflected on the experience of wireless charging without any problem, it seems that the most difficult thing to charge is the watchnome, not the wireless charging function.

There are additional advantages and disadvantages that I can't think of.

Overall, I can tell you that you're happy with your first wearable device.

Later, when Galaxy Watch Active 2 is officially released, users will be curious about how they use it.

Anyway, I will finish the article of this general person without specialty.

Everyone have a nice weekend away from Japanese products ~

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