Walk the May of Gwangju

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Walk the May of Gwangju

I decided to go to Gwangju on a day trip. Daily trip.

I decided to see Yongsan-> Gwangju Songjeong Station-> Former Jeonnam-do Office-> 5.18 Democratization Movement Archives and left at 10 KTX.

Arriving in Gwangju is less hot than Seoul. Seoul has a lot of humidity, but it's a bit low here.

Geumgangsan is also called after meal.

It tastes very different from the soup we eat in Seoul. The meat is huge.

And it's a little big and tough. The sundae meat inside is almost gum. If you chew it, you won't swallow it.

Gwangju Songjeong Subway Station was moved to the former Jeonnam Provincial Office and ACC Center. The journey takes about 35 minutes.

Open until August 18th and exhibit the contents of Gwangju May. I was an elementary school student that day and when I was young, I only knew about Gwangju's story with books and news. In fact, the story and the remaining exhibitions at that time cross feelings. One side of history reproduced with vivid testimony and content is heartbreaking.

Originally, I tried to turn the 1. Twilight Course, but the weather was so hot that I moved to the 518 Democratic Archives. You can walk about 10 minutes through the underpass.

In front of the 518 Democratization Archives, there is a UNESCO designation. We went a little late and heard the last introduction at 4:30. You may want to go earlier and listen. (If you are too young, it may be a little hard)

You have now moved to the Palace Confectionery, famous for its Dinosaur Bun. It's a gift of travel.

Dinosaur bread is a salad bread, and its taste is plain. In addition, the traditional senbei is delicious.

Lastly, I watched the clock tower in front of Jeonnam-do Office and took the train to Songjeong Station Market.

I'm going to watch the movie taxi driver online. It was a good trip. (My wife wants to come once ...)

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