Motorcycle Travel Series by @velimir 'Bojan's Moto Workshop' (Part #185)

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There is some magic in old motorcycles. I doubt there is a single person who can fully explain as to why. The technology is old, the looks are outdated but nonetheless one enjoys to see and sit on an old bike. I know that I do. Take a look at this beautiful Triumph. The colour is weird, but the lines are not flat at all. Don't you just love it? There is a whole subculture within biker's community, consisting of people who love to own bikes from the past.

A friend of mine owns two HDs. He doesn't ride for years. One of his Harleys was made in 1931. and the other in 1942. However, he keeps them disassembled in several boxes up at his attic. Oh, just crossed my mind that I should introduce him to Bojan. Two of them might enjoy a long chat about old engines revving. An idea for my next visit.

The speedometer position is very specific. It is a part of the front light. More so, the entire dashboard is located on top of it. This has not been a designer's choice for a long time. "Cute" is the first word coming to my mind.

The ignition key is all the way back, under the seat.

The luggage rack is mounted on the reservoir, meaning that the main luggage was transported in front of the rider, not behind, as it is today. However, we can still see small bags in that place and a map in a plastic holder on top of them, on occasion. Especially when it comes to long-distance travel bikers.

So, old or not, there is quite a bit of charm in this one. Maybe I'd prefer to see it as an exhibit at some cool restaurant than riding it. Both ways, the magic is undeniable.

Wherever the road takes us!

Enjoy your day! :-)

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this is a chic motorcycle from its era, it is similar to the oscar style, which simply can not help but like it. He unambiguously draws attention, and his fortune is the merit of the owner, he really has golden hands. Perfect flow, gives him grace. You know, tak motorcycles eventually become more expensive than a purse and nicer to the eye, like wine;)
thanks, it's interesting, have a nice day

Biggest motorcycle freak/fan I know 😀

I really like the look and style of this beast motorcycle! And that vintage Harley is a charm!
I always look upon the grandfather with a Banda on their heads and whish that i will be somewhat cool and powerful as they are at that age.

Old is gold!!! beautiful bike!!

We often talk of the "good old days", definitely, there must be something good about these old bykes.

You speak about old bikes with tenderness

That is a nice vintage bike.

Myself, I prefer to see them being used as intended than as display pieces.

My main road bike is a so-called "Retro Classic" - modern technology with 1970's lines.


classic triumph,,,loooks similar to royal enfield bullet....

i love motto very very much i have 17 years in motto time i feel free on the motto

I love that old bikes, they are so much cooler and better in quality than the new ones

Vintage all the way

I will be as good as you one day friend
Such amazing work
I will also share my motorcycle vlogs
Have a good day

And also lovely vehicle 😀

this post is really nice.
please upvote
thanks for @velimir

Güzel günler yakındır

@velimir motor Classic will definitely be exciting if going sightseeing
Thank you for sharing the such information

I like your work keep it up. I am new here so please guide.

very nice post..
i like your all blog...
really awesome
thnx dear friend @velimir
for share

this is a great flash back to me , i still miss our old vespa..

Wow , Amazing . I also like oldbike.

You always have some interesting posts. You must really be enjoying your little adventure.

very nice your post.thanks for sharing

your post is very good, very useful, your post is so inspiration for me and all users of steemit, I am proud of you ... I am amazed to you, you are very fantastic in making a post, hopefully triumph in the work .. Thank you 💏😘

Nice post, please follow me and up vote my post, i am new here. Thanks

Nice post, please follow me and up vote my post, i am new here. Thanks

best post.thanks for sharing

This motorcycle is fucking good, I had same brand..

Wow sangat keren kawan.. Lebih dari sihir sangat menakjubkan.. Antik itu semakin mahal.. Senang melihat foto motor antik yang pasti punya sejarah yang hebat. Yang cinta tidak akan melepaskannya.

I think what is fascinating about old bikes, and old things in general, is that they were generally crafted with passion and with love. Today, things are crafted with a consumer cycle in mind. You replace your smart phone ever 1-2 years. You replace your car every 5 years or so. Whatever it takes to keep us spending. Sure, technology has improved, and a new bike will definitely have more features than an old bike, but it won't necessarily have that same sense of craftsmanship and pride.

I like this.👌

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