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It sometimes happens that someone see on Facebook that a friend is going to a movie and become curious and then attracted about the film (steemit in the future). She/He will notify on a group of friends about this (Human, in this case), I usually invite a friend in the evening and we meet in front of the theater.

Happy coincidence, we are happy and the stake of the film seems to increase (many times share with a group is like an experience more pleasant). Does not get to change too many ideas about what is going to see, but one of the girls tells us before the beginning the film: "We'll see you in about two hours, we'll be other people!" It’s the sign that she knew that going to live through movie experience what will have an impact on how we perceive the world and life.

Human is a documentary film produced at the initiative of a famous French photographer, Yann Arthus-Bertrand, author and other documentation impressive (Home, 2009). If the theme is human nature, the subject is certainly alive.

I invite you to watch the trailer for starters, even presented by director:

Yann Arthus-Bertrand tell his personal message to the world through a collage of alternating images: natural settings captured in various places around the world, teaching people from all over the globe, portraits and candid acknowledgment, stories, slices of reality simply life gross authenticity and nature. No special effects, no replicas played without accents of bold ideas.

What makes us all one species? What does it mean to be human? What unites us and especially what separates us?

Human trying to find answers bringing in your face people who look at you with honest eyes, vulnerable people, open people or scare people by what they choose to. In two hours feel like you are part of a human network extended range, you feel small. Still feel like you have your role in all this mechanism.

One reason is strongly emphasized in the film closing the interior of modern man, isolation from peers and loneliness that we submit, stolen by the lure of consumerism and pace imposed by our age

One by one you feel that the stories were collected and then matched by the director in a personal message, but it becomes yours. Mix of cultures, people who profess their life experiences, what it means for them happiness, love, life, faith, religion, wealth, poverty, death, forgiveness. People who live lives that are not the films are real lives they face battle for survival, HIV, acceptance of sexual identity over the fear of being rejected, experiences of life and death, leaving home country because of war, rejection to other countries, drug addiction, mandatory involvement as a citizen in a war, separation from loved ones, hampers their natural living conditions, domestic violence and many other issues strong.

Human documentary film effect is indeed very strong. I can not play through descriptive words, because of this and Yann Arthus-Bertrand has chosen this kind of project: documentary. Sitting face-to-face with so many people, eye to eye, witness the many emotions and stories, it is a process that transforms you. First is the impact of feelings created directly while watching movie. I felt so in the full house of spectators: deep silence, laughter, tears, applause, silence.

It's not an easy film and has not a happy ending or a solution. It's a tough film that ‘shakes’ you and can not provide a happy ending, because it is the documentary that captures the reality of life.

Human let you choose the "end" the one who keeps you as a participant of this life "here and now" to draw a single conclusion and choose an attitude. This choice, however, is a track small, just, but a piece that will definitely count in "end" that you like for this movie, puzzle, painting life.

The documentary can be found free online. However with full force I recommend watching it on the big screen.

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Since his documentary HOME launched world wide for free on one specific day many years ago, I have been a huge fan of his work. Now, I can't wait to see HUMAN! Thanks for sharing. All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

perfect review!
I will watch!

Wonderful. Promoted and resteemed.


Thank you!

Some really amazing photography/video in this trailer and what a great collection of people. It goes to show you we are more alike than many realize when you sit down and get to know someone.


Strong message )

Ill check this out I love documentaries