Product Review # 2 Garnier Light Complete Multi-Action Whitening Cream Serum

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Hi guys!


As always I go back to review the beauty products I recently used.

I really like to review the product because I feel I have to tell you as part of my experience.

Do not talk too much. Let's go straight.


I've been using this product a few weeks ago. I know this product from the market. I found it while shopping for something else.

Because I also need sunscreen. So I decided on a product that has SPF 19 / PA +++ EXTRA UV PROTECTION. I need sunscreen. Moreover, the current air is so dry and hot. I certainly need a protector so that my skin does not become so damaged quickly.

I was wearing it. First-time experience, I feel my skin is a bit damp not dry quickly. But after a few times, my face even overgrown with acne. I thought that was okay. So I still continue to use. But after some time the acne was getting rather more. So I decided not to wear it again.

One thing I love about this garnier. He immediately gave a bright and moist effect on the face. Therefore, you should try it because everyone's skin type is not the same.


Packagingnya also pretty okay. Because of its small and easy to carry everywhere.

The aroma is quite fragrant with a decent structure. Anyway if you're curious, please try it.

Good luck ~~