Book Review: The Waves by Virginia Woolf

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The Waves by Virginia Woolf

The Waves was one of the most difficult novels for me to finish. Woolf really went far as language and overall structure is concerned. What I really admire is the poetic feel I got from reading this book. Virginia Woolf, like Sylvia Plath, was a poet after all.

The Waves centers around the lives and relationships of several children. They eventually age as the story develops. It's not a particularly long novel. The style in which the prose is written is just slow to follow, but I got used to it after a couple of pages.

My Score


The Waves by Virginia Woolf is a complex read, but still a great novel. I loved the generous amount of beautiful descriptions and imagery throughout.

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Interesting. I have not read much in the way of Woolf. I think her material was rather heavy wrt to subject matter too. Would you say?

Definitely. I absolutely agree.

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I personally haven't read any materials by Virginia Woolf before - because "The Waves" follows the story of 6 different friends, would you say that it gets a bit challenging to follow? Out of curiosity, what about getting into the book - since the book was difficult to finish, did any thoughts of wanting to put the book down ever cross your mind?

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It's not too hard to follow. To be quite frank, The Waves kept me hooked regardless of the difficulty of the pace. Thank you very much for the comment and upvote.

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