V'Tae Almond Apricot Shea Butter Body Creme

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@honest-reviews is a panel of individuals who believe in a better world! While we do not usually buy things at stores, we recognize that most people do. We encourage consumers to choose the goods they support wisely! Not only do you want a high quality product, but you also use your money power to "vote with your dollar", and endorse companies that either help the Earth and humanity or take away from it. We submit these reviews from our panelists in hopes of encouraging people to put some thought and consideration into the goods and services you choose to use and support.

Today's review is from @saramiller:

We received a donation of natural beauty products, so I will review this moisturizer!


I prefer to use straight oil on my skin, but as the weather gets hotter in Texas it's nice to switch to something lighter weight. This is a product from V'TAE Parfum & Body Care.


Texture 10 out of 10

The texture is lovely! Fluffy and creamy, with no oiliness or needing to wait for it to soak into the skin. It's water based but also has shea butter, which makes it a thick but lightweight spring/summer moisturizer. I do enjoy a good shea butter as far as moisturizers go for their ability to leave the skin soft but not greasy.


Aroma 5 out of 10

The fact that it has Parfum in its name made me think it would be a little too heavily scented for my taste, and I was right. However the Almond Apricot is not unpleasant; it's sweet, fruity, and floral but it is too much for what I like.

Ingredients 5 out of 10

It has many nice ingredients including aloe and lavender, but it is not indicated as organic. It also has some chemically sounding things like octyl palmitate...I don't know what that is but it doesn't sound natural and organic.


Marketing Claims 2 out of 10

It claimed it would leave my skin saying "Oooh la la!" and I'm here to say it did nothing of the sort. If anything it said "don't spread too much on me, it's too stinky".


The texture was almost great enough to make up for the too strong scent...but not quite. If my skin was super dry and I needed something, or if I wanted to be heavily perfumed (which I usually do not), then this would do in a pinch.


I'm grateful for the gift, but this is not a product I would use every day....might be someone else's cup of tea, but not mine.


More Honest Reviews coming soon!

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