A Sustainable Foodie Review of Panda Express

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@honest-reviews is a panel of individuals who believe in a better world! While we do not usually buy things at stores, we recognize that most people do. We encourage consumers to choose the goods they support wisely! Not only do you want a high quality product, but you also use your money power to "vote with your dollar", and endorse companies that either help the Earth and humanity or take away from it. We submit these reviews from our panelists in hopes of encouraging people to put some thought and consideration into the goods and services you choose to use and support.


A friend who is a GM for Panda Express gave me a bag of free food from the restaurant.

I wouldn’t ever buy this, but I wouldn’t turn away a gift of love either. I will just give away to someone that wants it more than me anyways.

So I did try some and honestly it was better than I thought.


Taste 6 out of 10

It looked nice & tasted fresh and had some flavor. I gave it away to 4 people; one of them said they have always liked Panda Express, and the others said it was pretty good too.

I would say for fast food ,it’s on the high end for sure. I mostly just hate all the disposable waste.


Cost 5 out of 10

It’s not cheap it’s like $10 a meal apparently, so while it’s better than most fast food it’s also a bit more expensive.

I dunno I won’t ever eat it again unless I am saving it from the trash or it’s a gift. Then I will LOVE it.


Believe it or not I have not bought food for myself at a restaurant in almost 20 years.
That’s some serious commitment to sustainability!
There’s no way I will fund plastic bags, plastic forks, paper napkins and manufactured positions in food - not to mention the global industrial military complex.
In fact, not only have I not bought any food from a restaurant in 20 years, but I have also saved millions of pounds of trash from the landfill!
I like to build carbon credit karma more than my bank account.


If more people were aware of what I am, sustainability would be a lot more common.
Bless it be~*~


More Honest Reviews coming soon!

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Lol loved this

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