My Top Three of the week in the Project HOPE community.

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Hello dear readers!

Ladies and gentlemen, the top three of the week is here, welcome to this new installment of the weekly review of the most prominent publications in the Project HOPE community; It has been a great week and, as usual, the selection of publications is increasingly complicated as they increase in number and quality.


Today's installment brings a special ingredient (Steem-Only), I have been particularly focused on the shared posts on our Discord channel that you can access and join whenever you want.

Now if we enter the matter!

Should You Join Airdrops?

In this excellent article @luckyali, he tells us about his experience with Airdrops, talks about Icos projects, affirming that the vast majority of them become fraudulent projects that make you waste time, and also provides us with research advice before thinking about investing in some similar project.

glad you have liked it @fucho80. ♥

Good reading!

NASA figure resigns before historic space mission

This article brings interesting information about NASA's plans and the return to outer space, @block.token also mentions the resignation of one of the main men of this space organism.

Important information!

The importance of social media in marketing

Anyone thinking of establishing a successful business at this time should take a marketing strategy into account, @tfame3865 highlights the importance of digital marketing today, emphasizing the role of social media and the internet to develop a successful strategy.

You have to read this article!

Recommended reading.

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thanks for adding my publication in your list.

Thank's @fucho80.
Congratulations to @luckyali @tfame3865 which was chosen to be the top 3 by @fucho80. Hope other friends are also selected in the weekly top post @fucho80.