Fitness Tracker: Mi Band 2 First Impressions

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I ordered the Mi Band 2 sometime ago and have been using it everyday for the past month. It's an affordable fitness tracker that does it's duty quite well. It's not the most accurate of all the fitness trackers out there but for its price it's good value for money.

There are a few things I liked about this product and there are some areas for improvement as well. It's in the affordable range but packs quite a few features that makes it a competitive rival to some of the higher priced products in the market.

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Some of its positives are:

  1. Attractive design
  2. Lightweight
  3. OLED Display
  4. Price
  5. Waterproofing

Some of its negatives are:

  1. Lack of third party app support
  2. Battery life
  3. Lack of In-built GPS
  4. Accuracy

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This little gadget has a ton of features and the Mi Fit App is great. You don't need to carry your phone with you or have it paired all the time. Because the device stores data on it and transfers it over to the phone whenever paired.

It has important and necessary features such as a pedometer, Heart rate sensor, smart alarms and sleep tracking. However after using it a for a couple of weeks I can tell you that the pedometer is not the most accurate and neither is the sleep tracking feature. However it's still a good reference point and the data collection is very good for the most part.

Claimed battery life of nearly 30days seems to be lip-service at this point atleast in my case as I have been charging up the device every 10-14 days. I wear it all the time and don't take it off much. Generally speaking you can get atleast 1-2 weeks worth of battery life from this product with its 70mAh battery.

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I like that it's got IP67 waterproofing. It takes out the stress of having to take it off while taking a shower or washing your hands. However, I haven't been wearing it during a shower.

I really like the fact that it's lightweight as I barely notice it on my hand especially when I'm asleep. It's very comfortable to be worn through the course of the day and the adjustable wrist strap is convenient. You can order different colored ones as well from Amazon.

It has a few third party app support but I haven't felt the need to use any of them just yet. Some of these third party apps are Fix-It, Google Fit, and Tools & Mi Band.

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I've been using the Mi Fit app and it captures a whole lot of data which is very useful if you have any specific goals towards weight loss or fitness in mind. The Mi Fit app has a lot of features that you will find helpful towards meeting your goals. If you hit the gym you can work towards those goals with your trainer and and track your activity with this device.

I think for the price of under $27 usd it was well worth the purchase. The price alone makes it worthy of a recommendation because it's truly good value for your money.

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However, you might want to consider waiting for the updated Mi Band 3 which offers some interesting upgrades. I see myself either upgrading to that or a product from Fit Bit in the future.

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For sure a good fitness tracker and i am also Using one of this from from last 1 year and it's still running like a champ and now iam waiting for Mi band 3 because it's launched in China and soon will available in india,so keep an eye on that too.

Looks cool!

MI is one of the top growing brand in India. I hope this brand will create trust on customers. Every gadgets of this brand is quite better than others..
Thanks @firepower for sharing this band review..

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Mi products are affordable and good in quality. There smartphone sections have a large share in Indian market and their fitness bands are quite popular these days especially among youngsters.

This is becomeing so important, with our culture becomeing more sedentary. I hike 5 miles every day with my wife, and it has lowered her blood pressure back to normal, just from the hiking!! The more a tracker does hopefully it will keep people interested and Moving!!!
Whatever tracker you use just do it!
.........resteemed. 🤗

27 bucks? At that price, they're giving them away! :) Is that a MacBook Air in the background? I hear new models are coming out this fall...

It's a MacBook Pro that I use. :)

Is it available on amazon?


Hahaha thanks for the review, just now planned to buy this when SBD reaches $5+
What's your guess about these rate ranges sir!

Bro, have you not converted your SBDs into steem? SBDs are meant to be at 1USD/SBD. It is Steem Backed Dollar and hence $5 value is unusual and unlikely to happen again!

SBD @ 5 :D I wouldn't bet on that just yet. SBD was never supposed to be over $1 and as a rule of thumb I sell mine as fast I get it and hodl STEEM instead. :) So for SBD to get to 5, it would be WAYY over it's peg and Steem would have to be worth exponentially more as well.

I probably would get one for myself and my girlfriend soon. I just started keeping fit and this gadget will definitely help me keep track of my fitness and how hard I've worked. Thank you @firepower for sharing this information.

I had heard about the product, I also want to buy but now I will wait for Mi 3. Thank you for the update.

Very comfortable and useful

Postingan yang sangat bagus

I have been thinking about getting one for myself too but I am looking towards Misfit Brand rather than Mi

Wow very beautiful post.i like it friend

Wow super watch

I didn't use it yet,but seeing it on your wrist i am thinking to order it,if it available on amazon or other websites.

Send to me one, I like brother😙

Might be you can start using Actifit along with this :)

It looks great, Im trying to find a good one to buy for my cycling. I think the best is to get one that you can update with an app or something as you said, is the best way to keep the gadgets updated, it happens to me with a vap, the PAX II VS the PAX III.