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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure , is a Japanese anime television series produced by David Production based on the manga of the same name by Hirohiko Araki.The story revolves around the adventure of the Joestar family across generations from 19th century to modern times.

It currently has 4 seasons each with a different main character, the main character in each season has the nickname "JoJo".
The first season consists of 26 episodes and is divided into two parts with different main characters.

The first season starts with the adventure of the first JoJo, Jonathan Joestar as he gets involved in battles against his step-brother, Dio Brando, who want's to take control of the Joestar family's fortune, in order to do that, he finds an ancient mask who makes him a vampire, giving him superhuman abilities and the ability to transform people into vampire slaves.JoJo in order to defeat his step-brother and put an end to his evil ways goes on a journey to learn the secret "Hamon" technique which gives him the power to defeat the vampires.

My thoughts about the Anime.

I absolutely loved this anime, the story is a mix of paranormal abilites , action and comedy and the animation is great.

Every season show's you the story of different MC having different personality quirks, new abilites and new teammates that go along with him, it's a bittersweet story but very enjoyable nonetheless.

It's packed with intense fights and amazing characters which was the main thing i liked about this anime.

10 / 10

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