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Good day honourable Steemians.

It is quite noticeable the weekly reports have not been coming handy like it ought to be, I, your weekly hostess, am to blame for the inconsistency and using this medium to apologise to all those who might have lost some vital information as a result of the unwritten reports but I assure I would be making up with this one single post capturing all you might have missed on the @airhawk-project progress. There is a lot catching up to do. Hope we are game? Let's take a trip down the @airhawk-project blog for the events of the past three weeks. If you would permit me, I would love to classify everything in one big volume.


On the @airhawk-project Blog (20th/21st/22nd Edition)


Good Intentions Are Not Enough...

This is truly a write-up that motivates in the sense that, with this amazing post, we can all relate with our frequent assumptions and mistakes. We all have good intentions but do we all have good actions to back it off? Think over it while reading this post 👉👉 Here

You Can't Go Far Looking At The Past...

In this motivational write-up, our pasts are likened to dead bodies which are meant to be disposed as at when due and memories buried so as to ensure moving forward. @mr-aaron emphasised the fact that, we ought to look at the present and the future always, that's the way forward. Continue reading write-up 👉👉 Here

What Is Procrastination And How To Overcome It....

We see posts on overcoming procrastination almost everyday of our lives but it is even not enough seeing it every seconds of the minutes in an hour of the day. It takes little or no effort to get discouraged over planned actions and do a mental reschedule. Time awaits no man, so it advisable to hatch any mapped out action in due time so the wind of success can put it into records. Never tire out reading motivations like 👉👉 This one....


They Need You More Than Works Do : authored by @princeola

Dear Workaholics, trust me, we need to read this post because I am equally guilty as charged. When last have we created time for loved ones and friends? When last have we given our lives the satisfaction of doing what it loves to do best? We need to give our body the proper relaxation, love, communication it deserves. We own ourselves before the quest for making money overcame our subconsciousness. Tone down with this

👉👉 Post

Don't Beg For No Good Reason : authored by @princeola

Why beg when you can achieve it by just focus? Why play victim when you are a victor? Why cringe at others feet for things while you can be the boss of your affairs? This is a "do it yourself" post inspiring us to take the measures in doing things ourselves rather than being a puppet in another's craft all in the name of begging. It is high time we freed ourselves of this shack we always tend to find ourselves. Get motivated with the post 👉👉 Here


WOMAN! : authored by @rebe

This is a powerful poem explores the extraordinary power/strength a woman possesses and how it manipulates men using the biblical allusion, Adam and Eve as illustration. It also emphasises the need of a woman to be submissive to her husband and how it does good to the family and world at large. Read and get inspired 👉👉 Here

PEOPLE : authored by @ginase


s is a poem that gives insight to the importance of people in our lives. It talks about people adding colour to lives and beautiful things like that. If you don't know, you are one of those people and I am declaring, you are my rainbow... Hahahha... (let me be a bit of a poet I bet you would love to read who you are as a person and who you would be surrounded by people. Catch up 👉👉 Here

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL : authored by @rosellyn

I think I love poetry more sometimes because of the beautiful meanings it breathes. Our famous poet @rosellyn is here again with another blockbuster poem. Life truly is beautiful with the littlest things that sometimes wouldn't count. From the first light of dawn to the smell of roasted corn (who also loves to eat this? 🙈🙈). Relate with aesthetics of life on this 👉👉Post


Game Changer by @bennyjay

Here is a fiction revolving around love between a career man who wants to love sincerely and a spoilt rich daddy's girl who is a fashion freak and loves to have fun. What happens when Hero's best friend is secretly craving for the relationship to dissolve? Who Knows if the spoilt rich daddy's girl wants more than just being childiah and a man she could and would love her truly?? This fiction is in it's 8th edition. You can read all here...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8


Bid Bot

Here is a post that educates on what bid bots are, effect of bid bots on posts, how to use them, how to calculate usage and merit and demerits we can personally amaze from them. I, like most people are new to this topic and for those who have a knowledge of this beforehand, it is no big deal to have your knowledge updated. Read post 👉👉 Here

Quick Survey on Airhawk Project

Some few members of @airhawk-project worldwide were interviewed on what Airhawk means to them and what they have to say is all you need to read on this survey. Now let me ask you, What does Airhawk Mean to you? You can read my own comment on the post 👉👉 Here and as well leave your own answers.



  1. Airhawk Project has accumulated over 3100+ members on Telegram who comprises steemians all over the world.
  1. Airhawk-Project is now accessible on discord. Join today if you haven't.
  1. You can exchange your coins for fiat's easily on the airhawk exchange website.

Started from the top now we are here. I appreciate you for reading this reviews to the end. You have always been Airhawk's biggest motivation and my inspiration. I remain your one and only hostess, @aderonkemi.

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Nice one @aderonkemi, thanks for the report. But I will suggest you add some things to the post.
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Thank you once again dear.

Thanks, project is bringing more user to steemit. :)