Power season finale - is the splitting necessary?

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The season finale of Power television series will be split into two. If you are a big fan of the show, you should know this already. The last episode released was episode 9 and we have one more episode to watch for the first part. The second part, which is still season 6 will be aired next year. We don't know the actual date yet, but early next year was promised. I stand to be corrected - this is the first time something like this will happen; splitting a season of a TV show into two and releasing both one after the other. It would have been better if the release date of both parts is close, but it isn't. Is it necessary? No? I thought as much.

Nobody will get mad if they decided to extend it to season 7. I guess the tension on them finishing it up was much, so they couldn't help but rush everything on this final season. I was among those eagerly waiting to see the end of it and with what I've seen so far, it's just a story that should have ended a long time ago. There were many parts where it should have finished fine but they just kept toying with the viewers and playing on characters. The main thing they want is keeping the favorite alive for now. Yes, the show might lose some viewers if some people die now but again, that's their fault. They got it right when 50 Cent died. He was a lot of people favorite, still they didn't lose viewers after his death. Proctor's death was unnecessary. Keisha's death looked unplanned. I can swear they didn't figure out her death or plan it from the very beginning. They just wanted to take one of the top characters down, so Proctor and Keisha topped the chart.

Now Ghost is into politics and has a high chance of becoming the deputy governor. His son is in the street changing into someone he once was. Tasha and Tommy are doing everything they can to put him down, and Dre is on that path too. This is too twisted - making our favorites enemies is good but it isn't giving the desired result. Or is it? People should be taking sides now but I haven't seen anyone who wants Tommy to kill Ghost. Reason I don't see the need for a second part. The FBI should try to arrest Tommy for what they got and he dies in the process because we know Tommy won't go down that way. Tasha should be arrested for selling drugs. Dre should be in handcuffs for killing ghost and Tariq should still remain in the street. End it that way and leave us be. Well, a better story than this should be applicable, but all I'm saying is the show should have ended. We keep seeing unnecessary stories and now more enemies have been created.

Jason's men would hunt ghost because they know the last place their boss went and who he visited. Tommy, Tasha and the FBI are doing the same thing. And yes, Tariq might be the end of ghost. The actual story isn't making sense again because it isn't just about drugs anymore, it's now the cartel and FBI vs ghost.

Well, I'll be giving my final thoughts after the final episode. For now, I think it won't end well. Let me know what you think about the series in the comment section below.

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