[Chono Trigger] The Tale of Two Brothers

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CHRONO TRIGGER is very good at subtext. The game excels at using its limits of written text and play-mechanics to give players a world bigger in scope than anything SNES (or even modern consoles) can achieve.


I wrote about the trial scene here before. A bit later at one point of the game with only a few boxes of dialogue, we witness an epic brotherhood story.

WARNING: Minor Spoilers
This isn't important to the overall story, it's so short that it's easy to miss.

Four hundred years ago the war between fiends and humans was raging. Crono and his friends heard that at that time period Lavos was summoned and went there to see if it's true.

Crono and his friends went to the battle-front between fiends and humans. There they found Guardia army starving. The leader asks why the supplies from the castle didn't arrive yet.


The party returns to the castle, the king is injured and there's news that the hero has come at last. At a small yet busy corner of the castle another man: The Master of Kitchens!

When the party tells him that the commander needs food, he acts like he doesn't care about the army.

"Serves them right for thinking men with swords are the only ones protecting this kingdom."

His wife calls him on it. Their brotherly feud has another time but the whole kingdom is in danger. The cooking master tells the party to go away.

Speaking with his helpers gives a bit more about him. Both he and the commander of the army wants to make up and he's worried about his brother but he couldn't admit it.

After the party goes out of the castle's basement, The Master of Kitchens follows them and gives them a package with supplies for his brother's army.

"When you see that fool brother of mine...
Tell him he had better come back alive."

Crono and his friends go to the battle with the supplies and find their side nearly losing. The army commander goes to the battle knowing that his brother has his back.

"If I should not return alive,
send my brother my thanks."

The soundtrack changes to battle music.
Here we know that we're in for another epic battle
in Chrono Trigger game.


Final Thoughts

I like how the game had unique sprites for the two of them. Chrono Trigger is filled with these small segments that give NPC life and history that many modern games fail to deliver. This dream project is really a masterpiece.

For now. I'm still slowly playing my PC playthrough of the game, playing a few hours a week. Slowly savoring the good story and thinking over it.

What do you think?

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All screenshots are taken by me from the Steam version of the game.

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Love Chrono Trigger. I think it was one of the first games I've played that has New Game + stuff. One of my friends played it to max level everyone and got Rainbow everything. Solo'd the final boss right off the bat with Chrono by himself. Really cool you can do that in this game. Hope you have fun. I know I did.

Thanks, I'm having fun.

Chrono Trigger is the first game to have the New Game+ and there are really many challenges you can do!

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