Retro Games Top 5 - Part 18 - Zelda Fan Theories that change Everything!!

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Zelda is a fantastic franchise that has been about since the early 80's. It has spawned a whole host of games across just about every gaming platform there is. There are even rumours about a film in the works set for release in summer of 2019???? who knows. The original Zelda game and Link dominated hundreds of hours of my youth, and thanks to @thatterrioguy for suggesting this be the next top 5 I write up. Cheers dude.
So here is the top 5 Zelda fan theories that change everything.

1 – He is the One;- There have been a number of Zelda games throughout many different time lines, and locations, but many Fans (including myself) believe that Link... the original Link that is, is the only one who you see in all the games and with each new game Link is just that much older. In 2014, Nintendo released a Zelda Timeline which contradicts this theory,. but those speculating, are still adamant there is only One Link.

2 – Inception;- Throughout most of the games, Link tends to wake up at the start of the game. This has been seen in many other games and media, but when it comes to Zelda, it would appear that each game is a different dream of Links. This would hold true to the Nintendo official time line. The inception part? Each time he wakes up is when he awakes from the previous game into another dream.

3 – Peter Pan?;- Those who have played some of the Zelda games will know who Dark Link is. He is the dark reflection/opposite of Link. Dark Link has been dubbed by many as Links Shadow. Peter Pan can control his own shadow to be mischievous or to help out. And Dark Link is Peter Pans Shadow. A little far fetched but its a good, all be it, out there theory.

4 – Ascended Navi;- At the end of the game, Navi disappears, and while some think she died, others think she Ascended to become a ''higher being''. Throughout the game you see lots off small fairies that too disappear once they have completed a task, but Navi can still influence Link and he is looking for her as she can be found in Majoras Mask. Bit obscure, but the theory holds up from what I can tell.

5 – Tetraforce;- This one is based on there being a forth 'Tri-Force' piece, making it a Tetraforce. The Tri-Force has always been depicted as a pyramid of 3 triangles with a missing piece in the middle. If you look at other imagery in the games such as Links Shield, it has a picture of the Tri-Force at the top and the missing piece at the bottom. But the Tri-Force is made up of 3 parts yet if you analyse it deeper, you will know that there are 4 Giants in Majoras Mask, 4 light spirits in twilight Princess, there is even belief that there is a 4th goddess who created the Tri-Force called Tetra.

OK. that last one I had to read up on. I have to play all the games over again and look out for possibilities of there being a Tetraforce. Because if it turns out to be real... Mind... Blown.

Thanks for reading.

Stu @TechMojo
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Image Source – The One
Image Source - Inception
Image Source – Peter Pan
Image Source - Navi
Image Source - Tetraforce

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this post is so amazing, I'm so inspired to keep working hard on steem.


that amazing you read it in 10 seconds and forgot to upvote? thanks all the same though. ;)

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And the thing about them, they just keep getter better and better. Twilight Princess was amazing. Haven't played The Breath of the Wild, but want to badly.

And the thing about them, they just keep getter better and better. Twilight Princess was amazing. Haven't played The Breath of the Wild, but want to badly.

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When I got that gold NES cartridge, my life changed forever. 😆


you and me both buddy.NES-Zelda-Gold-Cartridge-Small.jpg