Panic, Fear, The IMF Sends Warning, US Destabilizing The World - Episode 1681a

in retail •  6 months ago

If retail is recovering and everything is getting back to normal then why are the mall vacancies still rising. Pensions depend on the market, the market is in a bubble and when the bubble pops the pensions are going to have a major problem. The central banks are in a full panic, they are nervous and afraid because they realize what the Fed is doing and this is being driven by Powell who is inline with Trump. They are now blaming the US for raising rates which will crash the global economy.

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I'm not a financial advisor, but I think it would be a good time to lock in your mortgage rate for the long term.

Thank you Dave for the information.

Yeah nice strategy there Christine⁉️🤔 🤨 Surrender to you because you’ve done so good⁉️ 😆 🖕 ‼️WOW you people are fucking STUPID .