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See how feature loaded RPAY’s Simplifies Transactions

The world over retailers is seeking a payment solution that will enhance customer experiences beyond the existing payment solutions. Most payment solutions meet the expectation but its movement through many touchpoints can be slower than actual expectancy. With high profile retail hacks in the news, payment securities have also become a top concern for both retailers and customers. RPAY offers a flexible solution and it brings new and innovative ideas and, is designed to smoothen operations at both ends the client and the seller end. Digital Money known as cryptocurrency is making its way into the online world Japan and some countries widely accept it as an alternate currency to make payments.
Customer in future will no longer have to carry wallets in their pockets but instead, all they will need is to install digital wallets app on their Smartphone. Wallets can be loaded with RPAY crypt currency even on the move via Smartphone by purchasing it from the designated marketplace. Payments are transacted easily at the point of sale or service by simple and easy to use scan and security codes confirmed with an authentication PIN. RPAY will be introducing its own cryptocurrency, RToken is an internal cryptocurrency circulated inside the ecosystem. All payments inside such an ecosystem will be conducted through RToken. For a convenient exchange, RToken can be converted to various popular cryptocurrencies or fiat money through appropriate exchanges. It is so designed to support high volumes of transactions within the ecosystem. The following highlights show its advantages:

• Privacy there is no central server, no personal information is captured and no data mining. Data cannot be stolen or even sold because nobody other than you has it. Data is distributed across the nodes with redundancy and context-based dynamic encryption.

• No Fee or restriction for most users, products, and services it’s free for both buyers and sellers. No commissions, no fees. Arrange for local pickup on RPAY online with the payment method of your choice including RPAY tokens, or other cryptocurrencies. Since your data is only yours, we are not imposing any limitations and restrictions on items that can be bought and sold.

• User Experience focus, it simply tidy, efficient and easy to use.

• Integrated Wallet lowers barriers for entry for crypto users through integrated wallets and friendly UI is its key adoption factor.

• Social Engagement RPAY ecosystem includes not only “Buy it Now” listings, but also a variety of auctions – Silent, Regular and Dutch. It also includes online classifieds materials, in a craigslist style. Deleting boundaries between regular e-commerce and simple classifieds services will make RPAY “go to” place for a variety of selling/buying/leasing workflows

Integrating RPAY requires no additional infrastructure. The solution is well-matched with most storage systems. The online currencies can be easily integrated into existing payment from handheld devices to even brick-and-mortar point of sales. It is also possible to directly accept cryptocurrencies without payment providers converting them into fiat currencies. RPAY is poised to demonstrate a huge momentum not just as another cryptocurrency it will come on top and maybe it out does its peer cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

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