Unboxing on a blog?

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I sometimes watch videos where people recieve stuff in the mail, and then they open the box on camera. I realize that a written blog (such as this) is not able to opperate in the same manner that a video blog (vlog) opperates. But I sort of think of the people on steemit as a band of travlers

It makes sense to me for 'steemians' to at least try to share in the emotions of other 'steemians'. With that said I have somewhat been excited to recieve something that I ordered and I think that the order arived in the mail today. I have yet to open the box but I think what is inside is a book called 'The Founders Bible'. It is a regular Bible but on seperate pages there is historical documentation. The documents prove that Amercia's Founding fathers believed that Amercians could govern themselves as long as they remembered Biblical teachings.

People think that an 'atheist' does not up hold the values of anyone or anything. That is not true! The question is not 'do you have a GOD or gods' the question is 'who is your GOD or gods'? Any time there is a list of rules, then there is a belief in GOD or gods. just ask this question 'what do you value?' At the gym that I go to, there is a board that has a list of rules written on it. The rules are just basic manners like 'wipe down the machines after you use them', 'return weights to there proper location after use' things like that. I do not think the rules are revolutionary to most folks, because I live around somewhat civilized folks. What makes some folks civilized and other folks barbarians? It is a list of rules, where do people get the rules from? The society that I live in we base our rules on the Bible

(that is why I will say that Amercias foundation is based on the Bible.) Foundations are important a strong building needs to have a strong foundation, if the foundation is weak then the building will be weak.


Do you think that Amercia is somehow a magical land that has somehow kept the same constitution (which is a list of rules) for over 200 years when the avrage constitution around the world only lasts 20 years. The magic is not simply because we are Amercians, the magic comes from the rules! You might say 'so what other countries have a list of rules...what makes the rules that Amercia is built on so special? The answer is the foundation!

A few years back I heard a story of a group of Christians that came and visited Amercia and the Christians said that they lived in a muslum country and the Christians were not able to drive cars because if the Christians were spotted then a muslum would push someone in the street so that the Christian would run over and kill the person. Then the Christian would be placed in jail because they killed someone.

Thats part of the reason that I say atheists/agnostics are dangerous because they are openly admiting that they do not agree with the 10 commandments because we know that these people will not follow commandments 1-4, so whats to say that person will heed commandments 5-10

So I look foreward to opening the box that I recieved in the mail today, because as I have made clear I would like to help train a 'moral army' (sure I want people to recieve salvation) but morals just make sense. In my mind maby the book that I recieved will help me teach people. Here is the book that I think that I recieved in the mail and if you are able, I would like for others to study the book.

Now, its time to open the box!

(The Bible can be purchased at https://store.jimbakkershow.com/product/founders-bible/)

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