✰ ✰ Free Level 2 & Level 1 Steem-Monster Card Winners + Steem-Monsters Staple Information ✰ ✰ [Steem-Bounty Added]

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I normally don't do winners post but our last Free Level 2 & Level 1 Steem-Monster Card game had a great turn out so I decided to expand the prize pool and give out some extra prizes.

Winners of the Level 2 & Level 1 SM Card

@braaiboy has won a level 2 rewards card and because they tagged @baasdebeer they have won a level 1 Rewards card.

Bonus Winners

@rollxp, @fitinfun, @stever82 and @jk6276 (50 TROLL coins each)
@itisjustme, @cicisaja (15 Post Resteem subscriptions winners)

Play Steem-Monsters For Free

I am also starting a small staple of players. The goal of this staple is to give those who can't or don't want to pay to play Steem-Monsters a chance to play the game for free. I will be offering a small amount of accounts in which players can use to play Steem-Monsters for free. Off course there is a little catch .... anything won on these accounts will be split 50/50 with the owner of the account.

This is also a great way for anyone to test out the Steem-Monsters game before deciding to spend their own hard earn currency on the game. If this sounds like something you (or someone you know) might be interested in then feel free to join the Discord server I created to manage all this by clicking the link at the end of this post. Everyone is welcome to join even if you aren't interested in playing on one of my accounts.

What We Hope To Offer

The staple hopes to provide those new to the game a delegated novice account to play on to see if the game is for them before purchase and we will also be focused on Bronze/Silver account delegation on 50/50 share of rewards. I just created the discord yesterday and I don't have all the accounts set up yet. I aim to have two novice / two bronze and two Silver accounts ready for use before Months end (there is allot of clicking involved in delegation). I already have a few interested players so everything is on a first come first serve base.

I believe we are the first Steem-Monsters Staple so I expect some bumps along the road so patience is needed on both sides. I look forward to seeing you on our discord server and good luck on the battle field. A small @steem-bounty has been added to this post and I will upvote a handful of random comments to share the bounty.

Join the first ever Steem-Monsters Staple via clicking the link below !
---> https://discord.gg/yNPfQut

What is Steem-Monsters ?

Steem-Monsters is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Free Manual Prize Money tournaments have started and thousand of dollars of Steem has already been given out. If you haven't checked out Steem-Monsters yet do so by clicking here. You can sign into the official site using your Steem details.

What is @steem-bounty

@steem-bounty is a reward placed on a topic that is distributed to the participants in the topic. 95% of the bounty is distributed according to the votes from the bounty creator. 5% or the rest of the bounty is determined by votes of everyone else that voted on the comments. This initiative was started by @knircky

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Congratulations to the following winner(s) of the bounty!

Thanks for the prize 😊 I hope your plan will work successfully with the staple team. But fyi.. that's not the first 😊 I joined that kind of initiative since season 2.. and build my acc to level 3 from playing delegated deck for free.

But still... I hope more players would joined, so we won't see same names won over everything


Nice, I was unaware of any other staples.

I knew there was some guilds that offer their members some delegated accounts. I won't be running a guild. The players staple I am running is a place players can go to either try SM for free before purchase or play for free until they no longer want to or become inactive in game play.


Yeapp.. just like in Team Possible, everything is free and you can leave anytime wjen you found no fun in it. At that time we don't have any protection like "delegate the cards".. but none of the players sell the delegated deck or run away with the gold one😊 and many of us who started from nothing, already has level 2-4 deck (1-4 account)

So, I believe that your staple project would running better 😉 because there're many newbies want to try it too.

Congratulations to all the winners. And keep enjoying the Contest Economy.

@rentmoney, Keep coming with interesting contests.


Thanks for taking the time to comment and to participate in our contests.


Welcome and thank you so much for your kind response.

So how will this work. You will share your active key with the ones interested ?

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The official Steem-Monsters site now has delegation. I have extra Steem-Monsters accounts that I have emptied so they have 0 cards in them. I will delegate three different splinters to an account and then I would give the posting key to the interested party. Nothing is removed from the accounts (funds won or cards) until our agreed amount of time of play has ended. Once ended the cards and funds won are split 50/50. The 50/50 sharing can be tilted in the players favor under certain conditions.

Full Terms and Conditions can be found in the discord I have started to keep track of all of this.

I also plan on offering 100 % free to play accounts that anyone can use for 48* hours to test out the game before purchase.

Hi @rentmoney! As I see there are not so many people now at discord channel.
And if somebody will be interested I'm ready to delegate some of my cards.

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I only created the staple a couple days ago so our member base is currently on the small end and I don't expect that to change much. I do have an idea to expand the discord into another aspect but that is dependent on a variety of things.

If you are interested we do have a channel where members can seek or offer card delegations.



Thank you I'll look throught this channel!

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Excellent post man. Can steem monster game works on android?


Thanks ....

There isn't an app yet but I have heard its on the roadmap. However the game will work on android if you go to the official site using a browser. I played on an Acer B1 and an RCA Tablet with no issues.

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@steem-bet, there's advertising, and there's spamming.
I already flagged one of your comments once, and I'm not willing to spend any more of my VP on you guys.

Please realize that this way of 'advertising' isn't going to make you any more popular. It's plain annoying!

Thanks for the resteem subscription.

We (as in Team Possible, an initiative set up by davemccy) have been doing some similar with level 1 Steemmonsters accounts for a couple of months now - behind semi-closed doors. We had quite a couple of players who got familiar with the game that way, and have started buidling their own deck after a while. Meanwhile, they are winning tournaments.

So I can only applaud the initiative you're taking. Great work!


That's awesome, I did hear rumors of yous (Team Possible) doing something like that and I wasn't surprised in the least as yous are a great group. Keep up the great work and thanks for everything you do for everyone.

Thank you very much for the coins, @rentmoney. I really appreciate this. I do not play monsters since I am an old lady and I never have played any games. I cannot get the stuff I want done now, so I do not think learning how to play games would be a good idea.

But my son @bxlphabet is playing, likes the game, and is blogging about it daily. He is not spending money on cards and this is called f2p. Good thing, since neither one of us has money for cards. The only reason he got the starter pack was because they upvote posts now and I think he has the $10 back by now from the votes he gets each day.

I'm all for the game though. The more people who get in here on steem the better, and gaming can draw people for sure :)


Its great to hear your son got enough upvotes to purchase a starter pack. Looking at his account it looks like he was short one green summoner (Lyanna Natura) to get his current one to level 3. Notice how I said was as I just sent him the required card. I will also send a couple rewards cards to help him on his free to play journey.

  • All the best

Aw! This is nice of you, I am in discord with him right now and he is so excited! I will send him this link. You rock, @rentmoney!!!!


Thank you so much! I really appreciate the Lyanna! Thanks for the support :)


No Problem, All the best with the F2P journey.