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With 5550 followers I would like to show my appreciation with some resteeming. No NSFW or offensive posts. Leave a link.


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Congratulations @gguy773!
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-- automatic reply -- ☠️                                                                     Why is my repo so low - see here

Today's FREE RESTEEM post:

NOPE @resteem.rot, YOU have been flaGGed for multiple account spam, comment spam and tag spam.

The accounts of The spammer / scammer nazi:

Main account:

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( many other accounts )

Manual ( :'D ) comment spam:

Community tags he is spamming:
#resteembot, #bestofresteembot, #winwithresteembot, #resteembotvip
The 1st one existed even before he joined. He started flagging users to steal it!

More info on the spammer / scammer: