The No.1 Resteem Service That Gives Cashback For Every Resteem You Do

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How does it work?

  • Send 0.1 SBD to resteem your post to @abasinkanga and put your post url link in the memo field.

  • You receive 1 smartcash... Nice and easy, with simple instructions on how to access your smartcash on steemit.

If you resteem 1 post everyday for 30 days you get 30 smarts (1.5 SBD)
If you resteem 2 posts everyday for 30 days you get 60 smarts (3 SBD)
If you resteem 3 posts everyday for 30 days you get 90 smarts (4.5 SBD)

Have you seen a resteem service that gives you this much value for your money spent???

Hold on, hold on... that's not all

For each post you resteem, that post gets shared with my 2000 facebook group members and 2000 twitter followers. How awesome can that get???

I wont even mention what goes on in my discord server... Hehehehe!!!

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