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A Response to @dan's "Proof of Good Governance."

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Can I ask what level of technical expertise you are on in regards to blockchain technology? I have none at all, though I have just started to learn, but this is going to be a very long process and the chance for me to develop my many, many ideas will surely be gone.

I have been thinking about getting a few similar-thinking minds together, each with differing skillsets, and sharing my ideas, and then expanding on them together and hopefully bringing some of them into fruition.

Would you be interested in something like that? I share in your perspective, and after much consideration, I have decided that the most important factor when pursuing projects with others is that you have a shared ideology. So I would like to start surrounding myself with such people, especially ones who are interested in creating something profound while the opportunity is still available.

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I am a novice programmer (have been learning for just above a year now, so just the bare bones). My level of technical expertise is not very high. But I have basic understanding of the structure of various programming languages, and also basics of algorithms and data structures. So that helps me peek and prod at block chain technologies. And I read a lot to try and piece together parts of the puzzle. If you're interested in learning, go to the coursera website (it's a website that offers a lot of MOOCs, massive open online courses) and search up cryptocurrencies/blockchain. I'm doing one called Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies, which is offered by Princeton University. They are free of cost.

I would love to work with like minded people on something that would help bring a product into fruition. I think that's an excellent idea. But at the same time the disclaimer I have is that I am also a learner at this time, I am no expert!

But I think collaboration is an excellent idea. And I agree with you on coming together with like minded people and creating something fruitful! I enjoy your posts and would love to chat with you more on this.


Do you have discord? I will invite you to server, though this idea is very, very fresh, so I haven't made one yet, and have only spoken to one other person about my plans to create something.


Yes I do have discord. I'd love to contribute, and see where it goes from there.


I'll be in touch tomorrow once I have created a server. Still have a few things I want to finish up tonight. Do your best to enjoy the rest of your day/night and I will speak to you tomorrow.