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4 Investigations Share a Common Thread
By Jeff Carlson
November 30, 2018 Updated: December 3, 2018


*Cain - FBI Raid

*Why isn’t the DOJ focusing on Clinton collusion?

*On Nov. 29, federal agents raided the offices of Alderman Edward Burke

*Several banks are currently under investigation for a massive money-laundering scandal that is likely to only grow larger. (Duetshce Bank; Danske Bank)

*3 charged-- including exec with past ties to Clintons-- in alleged scheme to defraud Pentagon billions, DOJ says - in a Nov. 29 DOJ press release, three executives including Abul Huda Farouki were charged “for their roles in a scheme to defraud U.S. military contracts in Afghanistan, engaging in illegal commerce in Iran, and laundering money internationally.”

*New Details on Uranium One Scandal

*Increase in Weapons Sales to Foundation Donors - Hillary Clinton’s State Department approved commercial weapons sales totaling $165 billion to 20 countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation (Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain)

*Boeing, Lockheed, and Clinton Speeches - Bill Clinton was reportedly paid $625,000 for speeches sponsored by entities that benefitted from arms-purchase approvals by Secretary Clinton’s State Department.

*Drop in donations - Clintons’ global charitable enterprise fell by nearly 90 percent.

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