Feeling Good and Moving Up In The Ranks!!! Finally Made It To A 70 Reputation!

in reputation •  2 months ago

I opened up my account on Busy today, and lo-and-behold---I made it to 70!!!

It seems I've been sitting on 69 for EVER so long,

and almost stopped paying attention to my reputation.

But gratefully it is staring at me in the face this morning,

and I'm now blessed to be in the 70s crowd.


My Steemit account says I'm still a 69!  What?  How can that be?

Can it be that I am on the cusp and walking between two worlds?

Hmmmm...who should I believe?

What's the truth of the matter?

Does it even matter!

It's all about the journey anyway isn't it,

regardless of the destination!

So....anyway, it's another magnificent day and 

I'm so grateful to be alive!

I'll just continue enjoying another moment to celebrate-
No reason required!

Thanks for not judging me on my reputation--too much!

Have a blessed day!

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If you look on busy.org you are actually at 69.987 so you probably need about 2 or 3 more posts to be "official" LOL
You know what? KUDOS to you anyways! :D


Well, so be it!! I'll likely make a few more of those soon---and then....finally, finally, FINALLY, I can be happy and celebrate!! lol! Thanks @merej99!


I say celebrate now. You've worked hard to get here. <3


I've been celebrating since I got on Steemit! No stopping me now! I was on 68 and 69 for----EVER!! 69.997....creeping my way bit by bit! Tomorrow maybe! <3

It's all about that journey! I have seen similar walking between States when looking at busy versus steemit, busy always seems to be that little behind!


This time they are a little ahead! Always grateful for transition! Thanks for the comment @meesterboom!

wow nice and charming pictures nice to know you


Another day of life at the @gardenofeden! Thanks for stoping by @chokriprojet.

I have heard others share that 69 -70 concern of which is it? Regardless congratulations and do have a blessed day.


It must be right on the verge of moving to the 70s, so I"m hoping that my next few posts will make that happen for sure. Gratefully, I'm not really too concerned about it, but since it's been a couple of years in the making, it's worth taking note.

Well busy.org alwsys shows round figure. Need to check the actual repo then chexk on steemd.com it will show the actual ranking...

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Congrats on making it to 70!! Wow! I was super excited when I finally made it to 63 recently. It gets harder and harder each level - challenging!


Right! It is a fun game, and a fun surprise. I don't keep track of all the decimal places, so it was a delightful moment. Mid sixties seemed much faster than the late sixties to me. Steem On @pyrowngs!

Congrats on 70!!! Wow, these photos are ADORABLE!!! Seriously. Those are photo goals! Your happiness just jumps off the page! It's contagious


Thanks for feeling the energy of joy and for letting it seep in a bit. Always grateful to share the potency of life. Thanks for the comment @nomadicsoul.