Report from the shallows, #7!

Well, dear reader, if you hadn't noticed, I've been phoning it in for a couple weeks now.
I moved across an international border and used to schedule posts during that time.
My Internet connection isn't as secure as it was before.
I have to hurry.
My work will be forced.

I came back because I couldn't face selling steem that cheap and I was running out of sbd.

Maybe I can return when the hardfork moons the coin?
It should be a straight up, never coming down, moon shot, but somehow I doubt that will be what we get.

Too bad the class war continues.
After the fork, redfish votes will not round down automatically, but they will still not count unless they total .02stu.

That is a real bummer for the little guys.
Many of whom pick up the pennies in the streets.
Just one more slap in the face from our class enemies that control the code.
They can say anything they want, but you can know the truth by their actions.

Why don't they fix that?
Ask them.

They know that linear rewards makes steem a pay for play proposition.
They knew it because @dan told them, and avoided it with the original design.

When he was here, you could get downvoted for selling your vote.
It breaks proof of brain.

The problem with superlinear rewards is that it exponentially favors the haves.
They get exponentially more from their vote than you do, dear reader, with your's.

@smooth and @abit had that solved.
The community rose up and those with the ability put the kibosh on the greedy whale's greed.
Our vote values grew, exponentially.

Rather than let that play out,...
All hail, stinc!
They hurried up and hardforked the code to give us the very things that Dan intentionally excluded.

With a superlinear voting curve the largest accounts have to abstain from voting.
Stinc knew that.

It's still a curve now, when a whale votes we all lose vote value because it goes to pay the whale, that hasn't changed.
With superlinear rewards, and responsible whales, we could have grown a middle class by now.

Instead, we have what we have, we take pennies from the poor.
We force the newbs to buy rewards.
All hail, stinc!, and the other devs.

Be sure not to point that out to the folks selected by stinc to inform you, they don't want to hear it.

The true beliebers gonna beliebe.

Despite all that, we are doing just fine, the whales are losing dominance at a good clip.
In a couple years it will be like they never existed, except in the legacy of those they propped up.
The dolphins being built now will continue to influence the platform for some time.
Bet they, too, will be diluted as time goes on.

Minnows Unite!
Give your votes to people that need them.

Be sure not to vote a post before it is 15 minutes old after the hardfork, you will be taking from the author and giving to the trending page, if you do.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Buenas tardes amigo gracias por tu excelente información saludos

Thanks for the information. Just like everything else in the world, the rich always have a way to keep the poor below. I thought they said blockchain was invented to spread the wealth of the world. That seem to be very far from the truth. Steemit keep clamoring for more users and publicity, but the way it's going, it's not giving the users already here and the ones coming the opportunity to be heard and seen. I just hope that greed won't make it die a sudden death.

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I agree with you. That's true.

exelente post amigo