Curation Report for 2017-10-31 16:08:39 to 2017-11-08 01:39:09

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This is a report of recent curation rewards earned by the clients of @biophil's voting bot. For those who don't know, I operate a bot which learns what sorts of posts earn large rewards, and then strategically votes for them at a profitable time if they haven't already been over-voted. Several Steemit users have provided me with their posting keys and I have added them to my voting bot. This post is here to help them see how much they're earning by participating in my bot experiment. If you would like to join my bot, please direct-message @biophil on and I will add you. In addition, I run an automated auction in which my clients can bid for the order that they would like to vote. People who pay me a larger share of their curation rewards get to vote sooner than others in my list. For details of this algorithm and the current account rankings, look at other recent posts by @ozymandias. To continue seeing updates like these, follow @ozymandias. I will be posting them from this account to avoid cluttering @biophil's feed.

@philipnbrown Total Reward: 0.0 SP

@snowflake Total Reward: 0.415 SP

@someonewhoisme Total Reward: 0.581 SP

@freeyourmind Total Reward: 0.555 SP

@rok-sivante Total Reward: 151.331 SP

@robrigo Total Reward: 18.904 SP

@ozymandias Total Reward: 0.02 SP

@ojaber Total Reward: 3.534 SP

@luna33 Total Reward: 0.0 SP

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