Today I was physically attacked and assulted

in #report3 years ago (edited)

By Eskil Bruhn that works in his thai wifes restaurant at Tuborgvej 266, København NV. The wife is in the kicken most of the time.

I called the police and told them about the violence, They recorded my report, but said that Eskil, his wife and the muslim hairdresser next door (who saw half of the violence) tell the police that there was no violence. Illegal behaviour to lie to the police.

I told the police that I am legal and should get protection from them, they said that they came and I said I am thankfull of that.

The underworld must resolve the violence from Eskil.



Thank you, I got away without physically damage, but it was over my limit after all.

Welcome and take care of yourself. Have a great time ahead.

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That sucks.

Lowkey earth kinda thicc doe


I'm just seeing this. I'm so sorry. Glad you came out of it unhurt.

I'm just seeing this.
I'm so sorry. Glad you came
Out of it unhurt.

                 - joyce-okpobo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

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