She Wore Her Faith On Her Neck and We Remembered

in religion •  5 months ago

Taking a picture of something is a great way to remember it.

So is getting a tattoo. It worked for that guy in Memento.

I saw this psalm reference tattooed on the back of a woman's neck and thought I'd look it up when I got home.


Personally, I've always felt that putting a tattoo on a beautiful woman is like spraying graffiti on a cathedral. I mean, it might make for an improvement. But the artist had better be Michelangelo.

Still, this one's understated, and executed well enough.

Like all bible references, it's a clue. Great fun for a literary-minded sort.

She's clearly proud of it, too - pulling her hair up out of the way to keep it on display.


So let's look up those numbers. Here's the psalm:

Do not remember the sins of my youth
and my rebellious ways;
according to your love remember me,
for you, Lord, are good.

Now, that's a head-scratcher. Suddenly I want to know all about the sins of her youth. Isn't that where the excitement lies? Rebellious ways? Surely there's a great story there. What did she rebel against? Why did she eventually submit?

And telling someone not to think about something is a sure way to make them obsess over it.

But maybe God is less of a voyeur, less a collector of stories than I am. Maybe, when it counts, he will see this brand, and forget.


The rest of us, we just march through another day and let the past recede into the distance. Provided we don't tattoo a reminder somewhere.



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I like your sentiment and comparison there-in. And agree, though I am not really a tattoo person. Small ones can be cool though. And I DID win $50 off from a parlour in a photo show at the Fair. Never got it done. I've seen too many that years later, are a large blob. But to each his/her own, it's what makes the world go round. I enjoyed your pursuit of the 'story'. Such things and how they relate, travail always fascinate me, and you obviously as well. Cheers.

Well, maybe she has not jet finished with them @winstonalden. Like that description of your feeling about tattoos brother is an tattoo artist for almost 25 years now, and still I haven't got any of them :) At first he didn't want do make one where I wanted it and now I don't want it anymore :) Tattoos are tricky staff if you like to change things in life, and they stay @winstonalden.

I've always felt that putting a tattoo on a beautiful woman is like spraying graffiti on a cathedral.

Hmm I don't know about that. I always find that it really depends on the tattoo - some look particularly glorious on a beautiful gal (or guy!)...but then again, I'm probably biased :P

I will never understand why someone would get a tattoo on a place where they, themselves, could not see it to enjoy and admire it.
Also i really enjoyed that movie.

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