A Generous helping of Love and Kindness

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I wonder how we are to love God, it's easy to love a person, your mother, your father, your partner, these are flesh and bone, but how are you supposed to love someone/something that you have no attachment to, regardless of the fact we're told to praise, and love him/her, how is this possible. This is something I've been struggling with, Is it not enough to love your family and friends, does this not show you are thankful for such a presence in your life? Is calling out to God not the last resort? I think that, for myself, calling out to God is like saying my family and friends are not enough, Can we not still work for the good, practise good deeds, be kind, and not have to worship an imaginary being, But this is a hard topic, specially to write ones thoughts on the matter, I do believe in what i'll call 'the great architect' I can imagine this being as an alien, a time traveller, or whatever sits more concrete in my mind, I do believe in destiny, we are living out a life, planned from conception, and this is where it gets weird, We can be deviated from this path by what i'll call, basically, aliens of negative intent, as I believe we can't see that which our minds cannot make sense of, not that there invisible, more that there on a different wave length, a different dimension.. possibly, writing this, I've come to the conclusion we must accept there is a God, He/she gave us life, in that he gave us a spirit to nurture, I do think on this and I can imagine a infant spirit that we have to nurture, I can go from having a spirit in it's infancy to a spirit ready for death, I cannot manage to imagine a spirit that gets through it's life without deviating from the path set out, Anyway, this is my first post and more like a 'brain fart' or 'Thought explosion' however, I like to think it helps me get my thoughts in order. Peace and Love and please let me know of your thoughts on the question of God, Man's destiny, or how one is meant to practise spirituality within the context of a modern life.

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Welcome to Steem. You seem to have grasped the basics. Have a look at the markup options. If you click on your tags you should find something of interest. Follow people and give them good comments. You need to build a following to get anywhere.

I shall, I'll have a read, it's actually quite good, from what I can fathom, do you know how many users are actively posting?

According to this about 50,000, but some of those will be bots. This is why I'm encouraging people to join up. We need more active users to make it a good place to be.