What is the right religion? and who is the real devil?

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Since I was born and I have some doubts about my religion and other religion, I asked my self if I was born for Jewish family I will be Jewish where if I was born for Christian family I will follow the Christ.

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People will have discrimination against other religions according the roles that their family inherit them so why we don't think deep in our religions and think seriously why we came to this earth and who is our real enemy in this life.

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I hope to give me your opinions in my words, to walk together toward our reality, the real reason that bring us to this place did we come to love each other and accept each other or we come to hate and kill each other.

If god wants us to follow the same religions and have different attitudes and different characters, why doesn't he create us the same? may be because he wants us to love each other even if their are differences between each other.


If god wants us to give and share, why does he create this high ego for us? may be because he wants us to defeat our negative emotions not to defeat other religions.


hi, from my point of view.... you have no religion, it was forced upon you, you can believe in it or not... it is a belief system, nothing more... created by man, not by a God....
if you follow a belief, you are conditioned and cognitive dissonant, but that is my truth...!! i know.... i do not believe in believing... its a trick in the mind... you must find out, know...

there is only love.... the rest is EGO, and false....!!
we are the same but divided by religion makers so they can rule us...

God does not want you to do anything, you have to want it yourself... in the now, and then it will happen....... God is this reality, and you are part of that...you are spirit, as a tree is spirit and all the animals are spirit...

high EGO is is something man has created, you have to find out how to stop it in yourself... stand in the now, the present, "the gift". do not live with your mind in the future or past... it will bring you nothing, just the negative emotions you are writing about....!!

Great comment you are totally right we are in need to eliminate our high ego to see our beautifull reality , I hope that we can do

আমারটা তে,ভোট দিতে বুলবেন্না

nice article about relegion

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great very interesting post

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