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Well, if we feel frustrated in our lives, if we are depressed, what do we do when we are depressed?
The life of the believers on the other side of life is frustrating
The situation may come in every position. Sadness
Part of life These are not signs of a frustrated believer. During distress, Allah mentioned in the Qur'an the characteristics of human nature:

"When the man touches the affair, he is me
Then when I give him favor from him, he says, "I have received it only from the previous knowledge." Yet it is one
Test, but most of them do not understand. "

  • (Surah Al-Jumar, Ayat: 49)

"And when people face hardship, they lie on their side and call on us, and when I release them from them, when they go out of trouble, it seems that they have never called me to face any difficulties, and they are so pleased with what they have done." - (Surah Yunus, verse 12)

However, in verse 74 of Allah Ta'ala Sura Ma'ida, the people should talk about the danger of human beings -

"They do not repent to Allah and forgive
Why do not pray? God is forgiving, merciful. "
(Sura Maida, verse 74)

"And when my servants ask you about me, I am near to you." Those who pray, do not accept their prayers, when
Pray to me. So obey my order
Make them and believe in me comfortably
A different duty So that they may be guided. - (Surah Baqarah, verse 186)

"And remember Ayub's words, when he said to him
Calling on the Lord, I said:
You have fallen into grief and you are merciful
You are the most merciful of all. "- (Sura Ambia, verse: 83)

The position of the sun such as the cloud behind the clouds is temporary
Just like the day after night, so there is sadness later
Happiness. This poem is really true, "You can see the clouds, fear your fear, and laugh at her sun."

Therefore, no Muslim in the world with any sadness in the face of it. The world has been decorated with the dangers - by the help of sorrows. These tests are very momentary, temporary.

"Surely there is relief with hardship."

  • (Sura Inshira, Verse 6)

No matter how big a sinner the person is, he does not lose his right to call his Lord. Allah made a mountainous sin, but Allah responds to it. Remember that you are as sinful as you are, and as much as you are in hardship. Allah has promised, He will surely call you.

"Your Lord said, 'You are mine.'
Call, I'll respond. Those who are too proud to worship me, they will be admitted to hell, humiliated. "- (Surah Al-Mu'min, Ayat 60)

When the world is hard for you, you will feel uncomfortable when you think you can not live again, then remember the Paradise. There is no sadness in Paradise, there is no tale of sadness. Just happiness and happiness, peace and peace! These few days of the world will certainly be cut in some way. If we do not forget our Ultimate Goal Paradise We should live for Paradise. Let us live for the day our Lord will be pleased with us

"O peace be upon you!
Go back to your Lord, contented and well-pleasing.
Then be of My servants.
And enter My Paradise. "[Sura Fajr 277]


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