Tired of getting up in the morning and seeing more bomb blasts.

in religion •  2 years ago

It is time to get tough and regulate ALL religions, to prohibit their teaching as well as access to places of worship under 18 years old. Prohibiting preaching, it is crucial for mental health that people learn to think for themselves. These self-proclaimed preachers and prophets create generations of furious madmen. Stop all this madness. Strictly regulate religions, their teaching, access to places of worship, their financing, levy taxes instead of paying them tax (yes you read well in Switzerland we pay income tax to the Church) and thus fund the prevention of radicalization and the close supervision of religions. Were too nice too long. That's enough ! Basically we do what we do with alcohol and cigarette smoking, since it is harmful. Forbidden to under 18, no advertising, control and taxes.

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