Jesus, that was remade into the New God and State Religion of the Romans, ONLY! And they completely ignored every good word and words of Wisdom, just like Pearls given to Swine...

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Take a long hard look and listen, to the World of the Living. Since Emperor Constantine of Rome in 325 AD, "Borrowed/Stole" the Holy Books and Scrolls of the People and Religion of Judaism and Messianic Jews. Those of the Jews that believed that Yahshua|Yesus was indeed the Christ|Messiah. (No "J" in the Hebrew or Aramaic).

The sending of the Christ, by the deity of the Jews, YHWH| Yahweh| YWHY was foretold and prophecied by the likes of King David and the Prophet Hosea.

But in Romes version, for comparison; the Wolf laid down side by side with the Lamb.

Yahshua, the Christ is not the Prince of Peace, sent by YHWH, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the God of the Children of God, and Father of All Jews and Gentiles. The only one that knows the Time of his Son's return.

His High Priest, of his Synagogue, his Church, his Mosque, his Temple, his House. His Good Shepherd, of his Flock, the Branch of his Vine, the Cornerstone; the Keystone of YWHY the Rock. From which everything is taken and measured.

To be the Doctrine of the Christ it must have both the Father and the Son, Side by Side, One the Master and the other the Servant that does no his own will but does the Goodwill of his Good Master. Just as would any Son or dutiful Prince of Peace.

If it does not have both then it is the Doctrine of the Anti-Christ and there were many in the Churches from the very beginning. This the reason that Paul and the Disciples, going from town to town Rebuking, Correcting, and Reproving what the Messiah said. Repent first to be forgiven and return to sound Doctrine, testing every Spirit of Truth. That the good word must be good and lead to that Good Gate to be of YWHY.

For what Good is the Good Word for the Living, if it makes for Hell on Earth for the Children of every Generation? But there are some so Carnally minded in the Churches. That they would rather Rule in Hell on Earth than to Serve in Heaven on Earth.

As it is in Heaven so should it be on Earth, ask yourself and Pray to Our Heavenly Father in the Name of the Son of God, the Christ. What good is Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all for the Dead and Dying on their Death Bed?

If you would test everything that the Messiah and his Apostles said. Then must need it has to be tested amongst the Living. Among the Jews and Gentiles too, the first to be Chosen and it was the Jews, the first to call themselves Christians.

Stop Bearing False Witness and demonizing everyone according to the CURSE of Anathema, the Foundation of Christianity. That is as Poison put in Pure Water, Blessings of Love and Peace turned into Cursings and Hatred. Sane made Insanity of endless Strife and Debate.

The word debate right beside Murder in Romans 4:29-32. the GOD YWHY says he will Not Be MOCKED, for you will Reap what you Sow. Believe ye Grace Only is how God raises Good Children to grow up to be Good Men and Women?

That Jesus, the Christ, gave his life for this Reality? Where Evil Men believe they are forgiven, no matter what they Do to Women and Children and everything vile and Evil is Hidden and Covered Up?

Jesus as God; is complicit in every Work, emotion, thought, deed and action of Rape, Sodomy, Torture, and Cold-Blooded Murder of Women and Children? Told from birth to Believe only Jesus is Good yet he is the Creator of every seed. What then your Nature and that of Men?

Like Devils, their Nature Evil are unable to do good? As ye believe so shall ye be... brainwashing then reprogramming. Politicians can get away with Murder? Jesus the God of War, Conquer, Famine, and Death? Everything Bad and Evil, Jesus the God, an Image gave the Name of a Man, the Mark of the Beast.

Would ye/ the Churches make everyone Evil, without worth, nothing is held Sacred, but the things made by Man, not the Things Made by the Hand of the Creator?

The Love of Money= the love of Pollution, sickness, disease, War, Famine, and Death. Child Sacrifices, Human Trafficking, Slavery, and Debauchery...

Sow on and Sow Forth, reaping Grace Only and the Empty Promises of Heaven and 72 Virgins. With a God named Santa Claws, that knows what you do in the darkness but judges good and evil by the love of money, not the Treasures of Heavenly things. There should your heart be also.

Jesus, that was remade into the New God and State Religion of the Romans, ONLY! Just like every other Deity of the Priesthood of Rome. With many that were taken from Greek Mythology. And they completely ignored every good word and words of Wisdom, just like Pearls given to Swine...

The Good Words of the Creator taken and then forbidden to the Masses. In the form of the Old Testament; the Tanak|Tanakh. The New Testament; the Gospels and Letters of Paul contained in some 3,000+- scrolls... To be continued.