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RE: To Christians Who Accept Evolution: Is Nature Obviously the Work of an Intelligent Designer? The Authors of the Bible Apparently Thought So.

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Interesting thought @alexbeyman. Religion in general should learn of the science. It would make it stronger. The fact is that everything we learned and will learn about evolution, adaptation, molecular structures process of formation, etc.. might be incompatible with certain texts and religious beliefs, but not necessarily with a deist vision for example. Because we are strong enough to find the reasons for these processes, but science can not say what is upstream of all this. Where does this force that holds our universe come from (dark matter, dark energy and matter) ? And I suppose you know, but there are countless factors that have made the earth a cradle of life. Moreover if only one of these was missing, we would not be there to discuss it. Indeed, the probability that all this is due to pure chance is so infinitely small that it seems even more difficult to believe it is chance, instead of a creative and ordering power.


indeed, the probability that all this is due to pure chance is so infinitely small

Only if there was only one planet. But there are untold trillions of planets, each of them a chance to get those conditions right by chance. That statistically guarantees some of them will produce life. I actually believe there is a supreme being as well, but you're looking in the wrong place for it.