Truth be told, there's not much of drama around this platform, so Lets shake things a little take a break and INTENSIFY things a little now, shall we?

Lets hear this Girls story, and your opinions.

Her father lost his job, almost 17 years ago. He moms brother helped her start a business and she started selling clothes at the market.
Two weeks ago, she saw some romantic chats on her mothers phone, where she was telling another man how much she loves him dearly, and upon scrolling through the conversations, she found out that the man is married. she did not like what she saw, and therefore decided to confront her mother, who is 54 years old. Her moms response shocked her, as she first received a very hot slap, and then asked her How does she think she has managed to provide for their family, yet their father is jobless, and has since refused to take up any other job apart from small peace jobs here and there.
her mom once asked their father to try out and do transportation business and he cursed her for suggesting such to him. she offered him a job at the shop, and finances started going down, they had a huge quarrel and the father stopped working at the moms shop.

Her mom then warned her from touching her phone, and told her to wait until she gets to her age, before she can judge her.
The girl is in some sort of confusion as she feels bad that her mom is cheating on her dad, and is confused The mom then added by saying that she is no way stopping the man from attending to his family.

What is your Opinion? please lets hear from you in the comment section below.
Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash


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