How To Be A Legit Bro (The Bro Laws)

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The rules governing how to be a Bro are as follows, thousands shall note that there is a difference between being a "BRO" and being a "BROTHER" They are not the same thing.

A Bro shall never look at a naked Bro.

Bros don't cry.

It is not an obligation for a Bro to remember another Bro’s birthday.

A Bro on no account shall never wear a pink underwear.

If a Bro confides in another Bro to keep a secret he shall take that secret down his grave.

A Bro shall never for any reason damage another Bro’s chances to shoot a shot or score.

A Bro will mever be offended if another Bro fails to return a phone call, text or email within minutes.

Thou shalt not sleep with another Bro’s ex.

A Bro DOES NOT/CAN NOT/MUST NOT masturbate in front of other Bros.

A Bro on no account shall never give another Bro the silent treatment.

A Bro on no account never recommend another Bro to follow another bro to the shower neither to come with them to the bathroom.

A Bro never uses another Bro’s toothbrush.

Bros DO NOT pout for selfies. Never!

All Bros are and will be distracted by the number 69 and it’s sexual meaning thus rendering all Bros unable to read anything immediately after this number.

Bros shall not attempt to break up any form of fight between the party of two chicks or babes until an adequate amount of clothing has been torn or pulled off.

A bros bro is a bro to you.

A bro never leaves another bro behind.

Thou shalt on no valid and invalid reason make eye-contact with another Bro while eating a banana. Never don't try it.

ALL conversations between two or more Bros are subject to “Bro - Bro confidentiality”.

Report to your Bro regardless of any shit-storm or tsunami that may arise. Of any action found cheaty from his bae or girl, don't hide any detail.

A Bro Never tickles another Bro.

A Bro shall offer his Bros a drink when getting one for themselves.

Bros don’t touch each others hair.

A Bro shall never attempt to get with another Bros BAE.

All Bros are advised to stay out of the way if a fellow Bro brings their date home or else Karma will join forces during your turn.

A Bro's Sister is out of Bounds! I repeat out of bounds. Don't say I didn't tell you. No matter how fine his sister is, no matter how sweet she seems to be, never ever hit on her. Do not obey your thirst.Never!

At any moment when your bro needs a wingman, you are expected to immediately report for duty when needed. This obligation is not negotiable!

A Bro shall run to help his Bro dump a Chick whether he is engaged or not.

Women can also be a Bro.

A bro shall not and must never engage in any sexual activity with a Girl-Bro.

A Girl-Bro must not get pregnant.

A Girl-Bro must wear throusers, khakis and knickers more frequently.

A Girl-Bro must be able to roll with all Bros at any time any day.

Bros before Hoes unless Hoes got no clothes then bro can wait. 🙂

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