Reaching 300, 1k and Defining Another Joe.... or Not :o)

Having just passed the 300 follower mark, into the 60s on rep and closing in on post 1,000, it may be that folks here aren't really sure what to think of Another Joe. Let's face it, my posts are sort of all over the place. And, having thought about it a bit, I expect that'll continue.

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My life is kinda like that. I pursue what interests me. Early in my working life, I just did whatever job I needed to do because I had to work. And, of course, I had no experience or skills (remember, state indoctrination camps don't give you skills, they teach you to pass tests based on the lowest common denominator). I had to take what I could get, and build from there.

But, somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to do something I really enjoyed. Oh, I could enjoy a lot of things I was doing, but some work that paid well just wasn't worth it to me. And the whole industrial time-clock thingy begins to wear on a person. 

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Consider some things we tend to take for granted:

  1. A workweek is 40 hours. Really? Who says? What if I want to work more? What if I make enough in the first hour? What if my life is structured so that financial income is largely irrelevant? What about work that improves your quality of life without generating financial compensation? What about a garden, fishing, hunting, dumpster diving or whatever else I might want (or be willing) to do for food and shelter?
  2. You need to choose a career. Hrmmm, do I? I think I failed this class in school, if I ever took it.
  3. You need to specialize. \0.o/

It just never really rubbed off on me. I like learning. And by changing my pursuits, I get to keep learning. Sure, I could have stuck with one career and made a lot more fiat. But is that enough? And with all the corruption and shenanigans going on around us, this sort of flexibility helps one to be antifragile.

By keeping myself free of a time clock and the demands of a specialized career, I've kept myself able to pursue many things in life. Some of these have included moving to punch a clock for a while, but then move on and try something else. And I've built some skills that give me the ability to work at a couple different jobs, if I get in a pinch.

This has allowed me to travel, experiment with business ideas, pursue opportunities to offer aid and engage in other pursuits that I couldn't have focused on otherwise. Some examples:

  • Get decent at a few vocations/hobbies, including: electrician, fencing, various construction skills, woodworking, some experience in cryptos, web design (limited front end work), writing/study (geopolitica, socioeconomics, precious metals), trading, various arbitrage efforts, permaculture, watershed management, coffee stuff, land restoration/regeneration, work on internationalization services (mainly Chile), Steemit.... ;) 
  • Travel
  • Meet some amazing people
  • Go to school at 39, just because I wanted to

I make no apologies for this, though it can drive poor wifey nuts at times. It's part of striving to be antifragile, keep opportunities open and continue to pursue learning new things. It CAN be challenging to keep a steady income flow going though.

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All this to try to explain why my writing tends to be a bit eclectic. I am hardly knowledgeable in everything. But there are a few things I know a decent bit about. And there are things I'm particularly passionate about. With this in mind, I expect to continue writing about the following, in no particular order and with ebbs and flows for each theme.

  • Anarchy/libertarian thought
  • Austrian economics
  • Bible/Christian thought (I noticed I lost a few followers during my recent Kings series)
  • History (when something strikes me or I discover something new for me)
  • Plants and planting (especially fruit), permaculture and polyculture practices
  • Aid to others, such as with my Haiti series. This is generally tied to one or more of my other passions
  • Land regeneration
  • Internationalization (with an emphasis on Chile)
  • Probably something/s else

I've seen where some writers on Steemit have been compelled to define themselves, in regard to what can be expected of them. In many cases they narrow down what they plan on writing about. And I really think that's a good idea, for some folks. But I also don't consider it necessary.

For me, I think I'll just continue doing what I'm doing. I'll jump on a series about something I really enjoy or that interests me, pepper in an occasional post about other things and switch gears regularly.

How does this affect my following? It's a good question. Obviously not everyone following me is going to care much for everything I write about. Sometimes you'll gloss over it and think, "meh...". I get it, and expect it. And some folks simply won't be able to stomach one or another of my passions, so will unfollow when I hit that topic. Again, it's expected.

Some would say that they don't write to win friends. Others would say that they must write to win followers, whether they're friends or not. I guess I'm sort of scrambled in this, because I do write to win friends. But I write to win friends who may agree strongly in one area while disagreeing strongly in another. I write to win friends who I can enjoy strong mutual respect with, while not expecting universal agreement. And I write to win friends who desire to communicate our differences respectfully because we both recognize that each other's hearts sincerely desire what's good and reflect a love for others.

In other words, nothing is really going to change on my blog. It's a place where I can continue to share ideas and thoughts, and engage with some amazing people. It's not facebook, thank God. We can follow each other out of interest and respect without even necessarily being "friends", and no pressure to be such. And we can engage with each other's articles in a constructive fashion, or ignore them when they just aren't of interest to us.

One thing I'd like to do is to have respectful engagement over things in which we disagree and post it for the benefit of the community. Obviously, as a Christian I have some worldviews that will conflict with those of others, especially my fellow ancaps. IMO, this is healthy disagreement. It would be enjoyable to exchange notes and post a discussion that explores our differences, again, from a perspective of mutual respect (angry rhetoricians need not apply).

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I have a couple other ideas up my sleeve to try to contribute to Steemit as well, and am working toward one with some developers. I really don't know if I should let the cat out of the bag yet, so will hold off until I am more confident. It's exciting to me though, and should help bring a few folks in the community together on one theme, as well as introduce some folks who aren't on Steemit yet.

If you've managed to read through all this self-exploring, thanks for caring. I don't even know if I'll bother reading through it, now that I've written it. :o) I'd appreciate your thoughts, ideas, pontifications, meanderings and other musings, if you care to share them. If you don't, I appreciate you just as much for simply being here.

Steemin' on,
Another Joe

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Note: Sometimes I have a donation option at the bottom and sometimes I don't. I'm not really sure how to best use this tool, but plan on using it whenever I post in such a manner that I think others might want to either donate for the information (since it could be used for their own teaching, such as the Kings series) or to the effort being discussed (such as the Haiti series). I will be posting articles about individuals who need help, from time to time. These will often include links to fundraisers, but also the donate button for those who might want to use Steemit to donate. It's just an option that can be useful, so I'll include it just in case.


Well done on your success, seems what you do its working so why change Be who you are, I enjoy reading :)

Awesome!! Thanks Karen.

I feel the same way about what I write. I will write what I want to and people can read it, vote it, or ignore it. I will not stick to just one niche or anything like that. :-D

Gratz on the milestones!

Good luck! You need to make good friends here. :)

I truly loved the openness, honesty and genuineness of this post. I have yet to figure out how I want to utilize this awesome platform, and I have much to learn about the social mechanics at play here. I need to come up with some goals for how often I post, and the topics I will post about as well as developing strategies to reach those goals.

I'm a bit of a jack-of-all trades type person myself, tho I did pick a career and specialize. I am a very curious person and I find many things interesting. However for me, being over 50 and thus in the last "phase" of my life I find myself needing to focus my energies more than I have in the past, out of a sense of leaving something of value behind. Some of that motivation is for self validation, to leave a mark, to be "significant" in some way. I've actually been struggling with that for a few years now.

Anyway, enough about me. I really enjoy your style and the depth of your character I can see in your writing. The adage if it's not broke don't fix it seems to apply here. Steemon brother!

Thanks fsa.
As I fellow quinquagenarian, I get it. If I find something big to pour into, I figure it'll likely be my last hurrah, in some ways. I'm keeping my eyes open for opportunities, trying to make a couple of my own and hoping to get to South America before the emperor admits his tailor's a sociopath.

I'm glad to see you doing well. You are one of the first people I started following when I joined and I'm glad that I did. We seem to have a similiar passion for helping others in foreign countries and I think it would be great to be able to collaborate on projects at some point in the future. We may be working to help people in different countries, but we do have a common theme.

Best of luck to you on your next 300 followers and 1000 posts. I'll likely be there for those milestones as well. It's been a pleasure following you so far. Keep doing what you do. I'm sold on it.

Ditto David. I think we started posting about the same time, because I don't remember you not being here nor a time when I wasn't following you. Looking forward to thousands more posts from you. :)

Thanks, Joe, and congrats on the milestone. I enjoy our posts.

Thanks @thylbom! I appreciate it.
I won't even try to promote this one, I don't think. It's just my meandering ponderings. Pretty cool that you read it though. :)

By the way, you got me checking out Vaultoro again. I had signed up for an account a while back, but forgot all about it. Thanks!!

Great way to take your gold off-grid and offshore (if you are American or subject to US banking regulations - OK that includes just about anyone with financial assets). Feels great to have a significant nest egg tucked away safely in the Alps that can be accessed without resorting to an increasingly precarious banking system.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Too bad they don't have silver. It would cost more for the storage fees, but the upside potential is a lot more. And the ability to trade between the two (3, including btc) would be sweet as well.

For silver, I would go with BullionVault and store it in Toronto, London, Singapore.

Interesting. Following and up voted. Appreciate up vote on my introduction blog. Much success.

Your jokes made me giggle. I shared them with wifey and got bonus giggles too! :)

What an excellent post.

No wonder I enjoy following you so much.

Keep it up brother.

Hugs!! :D
erm.... I mean, CHEST BUMP

Cuz we real mans

lol, uncomfortable with that, eh? lol
You know, manhugs! :P

It's too late, it has already been recorded in the blockchain.

You have ruined me, ruined me.

And right when things were starting to look up too.

@stellabelle and I finally started talking today...

I got a great reputation around here...

I've got a great haircut...

Perhaps just one last post for Old Times Sake before I am completely destroyed.

Maybe a meme to end all memes...

Why'd you do it Joe?

Why'd you do it Joe?

No, it's not that I'm uncomfortable with it, it's just that now you have it recorded forever in the blockchain.

Haha, so wait.
You're not uncomfortable with "it"?
You are uncomfortable with "it" being on the blockchain?
I can delete "it" if you'd like.

I meant chest bump... yeah, that's it...

ha made me smile, and I love the obligatory images . ;-)

lol, thanks!!