Negril, Jamaica 2007 Feature Photo #5

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The Sugarcane Man

In the late 80's, when I first visited Negril, it could easily have been described as The Wild, Wild West. Motor bikes zooming around, taxis beeping, and pedestrians waving them down frantically trying to hail their next destination. Seems like a mad show, but this is not an accurate depiction of Negril, nor Jamaica. Everything is predetermined and people are, in general - laid back and cool. Irie.

At night, many of the red license plated route taxis driving around hauling people to and fro have a headlight out. There's a serious misconception with these route taxis, as many have claimed them to be unsafe. This could not be further from the truth. Not only are they safe, but they are also a great way to experience the real Jamaica and interact with the locals. The Jamaican driving may be a little 'helter skelter' for the common tourist, but this is how it always has been. It's a norm here and you simply have to embrace it.

So here it's 2007, and guess what - nothing has changed. Accommodations are still Samsara on the cliffs and we are staying in a roadside bungalow. One day, as we crossed West End Road, looking both ways multiple times to check for fast paced oncoming traffic around the slight bend in the road to the left, here comes an older gentleman wheeling an old wooden card filled with sugarcane. How cool.

Jamacia August 2007 094.jpg
The Sugarcane man with my son roadside in front of Samsara

He was pushing this wooden cart down the road, and he seemed not a worry in the world about traffic moving in either direction. He just walked down the road as if it were a pedestrian walkway. He had walked this walk a time or two before - this was quite obvious to tell. Now in all my times visiting Negril, this was the first encounter I had ever seen this man - the Sugarcane Man.

He stopped. We say hello. He asks if we would like some of his tasty commodity. Of course.

He responds, "no problem mon, respect."

He proceeds to take his large knife, more like a machete, and cut off the ends of each of the canes he had chosen for us. This act essentially enhances the flavor of the canes, as it allows the juices to more easily run down the stalk of the cane. Oh such a sweet, natural treat. Something else.

The cost? There was no set price. The Sugarcane Man responded when we asked him what we owed, "whatever you give, OK."
Now that I think back, I probably didn't give him enough.

Let me tell you what I know of the Sugarcane Man. It's not very much because it was just a brief roadside encounter that happened due to chance. A flash in time on a day in August some 12 years ago.

I hope the image portrayed in this feature photo article was of enjoyment to you all.


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Dang s-irie, I’ll tell ya man, you never fail to disappoint. Stories on point, en punto, the whole 9. Loving these reads and look at your blog by the minute it seems to see if any new posts have come out that I may have missed.

Luckily I haven’t missed any and I’ve stayed up with the resteems on your posts. I don’t resteem many - you and another account, spinvest. Maybe another occasional article that catches my eye. Very few, but you, yours are always worth a resteem in my eyes.

More eyes need to be on these stories. Rich in flavor with a personal touch on all of them. Some pretty cool experiences you’ve had in life.

What a lucky kid

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Yeah Jamaica 🇯🇲 is my most favorite
hang. Never fails to disappoint me.
My son pictured in posts tells me that
he is someday going to purchase a second home, right there in Negril.
He can pay for my vacations, instead of me shelling out. No complaints ,
but that is a nice thought.
Mucho Respect ‘c’

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No? I couldn’t tell! Lol

Wouldn’t that be something. I’m sure there’s some land up near the cliffs ? Samsara area beyond?

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When this does happen,
Down the road and hopefully soon.
I’m gonna reach out and
see if I can hook him up
with @donald.porter. He’ll
know the prime locations.
This Reggaesteem connection
has so many social values.
Thanks @conradsuperb

Posted using Partiko iOS

Yeah mon- DP knows the ropes of Negril. Where to’s and where not’s

Not a bad idea at all. Definitely will be in good hands this way

See you

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I had sugar cane before, but never have I ever tried it fresh cut. Treated by a machete from a local who lives on that delight. Its like eating honey straight from the hive, or drinking milk at a farm. Pure nature, give thanks

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

Yes ......I can feel your enthusiasm.

Your words could have
very easily been
incorporated into
‘The Sugarcane Man’
remembrance story
and enhanced the tale.
Thoughtful indeed.

I am so very grateful
for your words.

Yes My Man
Respect s-irie

beautiful lovely photography ..

Posted via ReggaeSteem | Reggae Culture Rewarded

The KEY to good pictures
is to have a good camera,
interact with the subject and
make sure your in focus with your surroundings.
yeah mon

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@super-irie, In this picture this place is reflecting as created in between nature because it have natural essence. Specially in Summer Season we have Sugar Canes and definitely it's a pleasure. Stay blessed.

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Ah yes Chiree, Mother Earth gifts us with so many graces, sugarcane being one of the many in her charm. The seasons pass, the years will roll.
Time and Change will surely show

Staying blessed from all your righteous words

Respect rocks ✊

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Beautiful words brother. Have a blessful time ahead.

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Sweet Story... like the sugar cane ;)
I loved to put that sugar cane that i bought on the street in my
fridge, in my cottage and eat it icecold... sooo good!

Yes mon thank you so.
Ice cold sugar cane ? Yum
We ate it right then and there, on the street, couldn’t resist the cane mon.

Cottage in Negril? Yea mon - whereabouts ? Maybe a potential meetup in the future ...

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