Reflection 反思

in reflection •  24 days ago

This year has rapidly come to an end. Although by this time next year we may have the same feeling again, it is a benefit to be reflective. In a fast-pace society, we don’t have a lot of quiet time for personal reflection. However, there are people who like to have resolutions for every new year. Perhaps there are three perspectives pertaining to an end and a new beginning.

First perspective is the end of something. As we come to the end of the year, we need to realise that there are things which cannot be reversed even though we wish to have another opportunity. For anything which cannot be reversed, we need to accept it as it implies an end.

The second perspective is the beginning of something new with the dawning of a new year. We can expect something new and it is ideal that we do not miss the beginning of a good thing. If we have a resolution, we can regard it as a new beginning and be enthusiastic for it. As it is said, “A good beginning is equivalent to having achieved fifty percent of success.”

The third perspective is the end of the beginning. It implies that whatever we have encountered is only the end of the beginning. Hence, there is something great to be accomplished or overcome in the days ahead.

In view of the three perspectives, it is worthwhile to be reflective as we retrospect and introspect. We can categorise the things which have taken place and the dawning challenges according to these three perspectives.







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