Creating Elite Players: Newsletter Day 32

Sometimes it's hard to tell how open and vulnerable I should be. I've got a lot of thoughts going on in my mind, many of them not positive. No, I don't think I'm depressed. But circumstantially, there's a lot that doesn't seem to be going my way.

I don't want to focus too intently on the negative. That doesn't seem to help. But denying its existence doesn't help either.

I think I know deep down that I've got to make some changes. I find it difficult to let go of what I've worked so hard at, but keeping myself in the same situation seems masochistic.

I've made some commitments, though, so for the time being, I've got to keep going.

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  • Even if there haven't been any big wins in the last couple of weeks, at least none that I can think of, there have still been some small wins. Small wins are worth celebrating.
  • It's often easier to stay with what's familiar and comfortable than to chase new horizons, even if the familiar and comfortable are beds of nails all their own.
  • Too many questions, not enough answers. I've never had a greater desire to reach out to coaches and mentors for guidance.

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