If the father's money DNA changed super player!

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a4d3feb3940aac9f934c9fccb900b587.pngDo you think the game can not be improved by cheating? Lens Armstrong won seven times in France's bicycle competition, Mennie Remirez won the Baseball World Cup twice, Ben Johnson won an Olympic gold medal. Is this not enough improvement?
Although the authorities later withdrew that they had taken banned drugs while playing, and they were also punished. But what? Having already done these experiments, they already earn enough money from sponsors and other fields. However, they are caught in drug testing, but many get away with banned drugs. Because they are using such prohibited drugs so that they are less likely to get tested.
Maybe something that is coming in the near future may be impossible to check! Yes, it is called genetic coding. Scientists are going to discover a method that will change our DNA structure. It will be possible to change the DNA of our body in our own way. That is to say, if you want any player, you can increase your physical ability by changing the DNA.
Many people may already have heard about the higher yield of crops by using genetic methods. Various types of hybrid vegetables may have been bought from the supermarket, but in an online article there may be information about such vegetables where scientists change the type of genetic code of the plant for more harvest. In the same way, it is possible to increase the physical capacity of the person to change the genetic code.
For example, scientists have developed a DNA virus that helps in the production of proteins erythropoietin (EPO) in humans. This high level EPO supplies a lot of oxygen to the body's tissues so that the body's efficiency increases.
It is possible to find out if an injection of EPO or such kind is taken by the drug through the drug test. But if DNA produces this EPO of the body, that means, if the body itself produces this EPO, then it is impossible to find out.
But anti-doping agency scientist Oliver Ranin said in this regard, "In these cases, we will check whether there is any additional gene in the blood or DNA. It is impossible to find out though it is still working on the method. '
However, it is possible to check if the authorities already have the sample of the DNA virus. Or every player has the previous DNA samples of this virus. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to find out which part of the DNA was already there and which part was changed by genetic coding.
On this issue, the Olympic authorities are already thinking that the players kept their DNA samples.However, researchers are thinking of making educational campaigns with players about the harmful effects of this genetic code. Because this genetic coding is still only theoretically. If a player wants to go through this procedure then he can have serious harmful effects on the body. Other sports psychological researchers said that there would be no benefit from this. Because the players are ready to take any kind of risk to play. Because banned drugs also have a lot of harmful effects in the body.
Despite the harmful effects of this genetic coding for some players, this risk is not unusual, if they can win the game and they can fulfill their dreams.

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