song of the day: berkorban apa saja by Tan Sri P. Ramlee

in #recordpool4 years ago

hi steemian ... this week is a pretty busy week for myself ... plus I have been infected with hot fever for a few days ... although sick, the existing work should be completed. in this week I had to prepare three song composition by the great artist Tan Sri P. Ramlee to be arrange in instrumental form involving classical guitar and flute . this is a project between me and a local university here I include a bit of fragment from the result of the composition.


Follow sy please 😂

udah pak...makasih ya :)

can't wait to see this performed live! :)

can't help falling in love with name :)

menusuk kalbu bang..

tusuk bukan sebarang tusuk..
.tusuk datang dari kajang...
kajang pak malau kajang bertempat
tempat ramai orang juga yang kau pergi..... :)... :)

hahaha..abang jual pantun ye..tak mampu nak beli..nak gelak je.. :))

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