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RE: Obscure Audio Software: Plogue Bidule

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Very interesting. I am currently setting up a home studio, I am more of a Reason, Cubase, FL and Protools person. But I have been looking out for other flexible or not too rigid programmes I can experiment with. This is the first time i am hearing about this DAW and if it does this:

"Plugins can be included in groups as well. For an example, you could bundle some oscillators, envlopes, and filters together to make your own synth".

Then I think I will have to consider checking it out. I would love you to make an article on other DAWS, you could as well talk about why Protools is regarded as the industry's standard (only if you regard it too). I will follow you and also resteem this. Much love from Nigeria.


Hi, and thanks for the support! Bidule is definitely flexible, and yes, you can use it to make your own synths. If that's your main reason for being interested though, something like SynthEdit or Reaktor would give you more options (more filter types and stuff). However, as mentioned in the article, Bidule has the edge there in hosting/DAW features.

I am planning on doing some stuff about other DAWs, but I'm not a Protools user, so an article on that is unlikely, as I haven't really kept up with it over the years. In my opinion, it became the industry standard back when it was tied to hardware that allowed people to do stuff computers couldn't do on their own yet, and I think that added power and stability helped it stand out back then. From what I've seen of nwer versions, it seems like a perfectly fine program, but I think other similar DAWs have kept up or even surpassed it in terms of features. I can't really comment on the user experience, which is the main thing (other than price) that sets most of them apart from each other.

As far as other DAW-related content in the works, I'm working on some ideas for videos about using Reaper, which is my main DAW. First up will be a video on using it for dub-style infinite feedback loops. Thanks again, and nice to meet you!