Steemit hit 1.2 million transactions record and more than 100 thousand monthly users!

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Steemit is growing and is unstoppable. Yesteday, we broke two new records!

1 200 000 transaction per day!

Looking at my daily stats, I noticed Steemit reached more than 1.2 million transactions per day.

This is a 20% growth in only 1 week! Amazing!

100 000 monthly active users

More and more users are using Steemit and, more important, stay on the platform!

100884 unique users have been actively posting, commenting or voting this month.
This represents a 23% growth compared to the previous record in August and a 31% growth compared to the previous month!

And December is not yet over ...

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Steemit is going to the moon!

For a more detailed view of the Steemit blockchain activity, check my daily stats

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Gap is widening vs. Ethereum again. It had narrowed to the point where Ethereum almost surpassed Steem, but never actually beat Steem's records.

It's interesting that Steem transactions are high during the holidays, when all other cryptos are taking a breather. I suggested in another post that that's because those cryptos are purely financial, while Steem is more than just a financial network.

Awesome, thanks for your work...
I use SteemSQL to get a list of your posts and then vote for you (automatically) :) I hope this can help SteemSQL maintain and grow!

This project sounds interesting, I'll check it out :)

@justyy, thanks a lot. Your support is really appreciated!

Long may it continue, just goes to show the STEEM blockchain is the best!

That is awsome news for Steem :D
I will spread the word and onboard as much people as I can. Keep up the good work!

I am doing the same! a lot of friends are grateful to me for having done that.

The more we are, the best it is!

This statistics looks great.

I am just wondering why steem price is still so low.

How is the block chain holding up?

AWESOME Powerful new STEEMIT stats for transactions and active users - You are correct - everyone should be sharing this post!!

Thats amazing!!! Hope that we can acchieve 500.000 by mid or end of 2018 - I am convinced that STEEMIT will grow and grow!


Upvoted and re-steemed!

This sort of stuff makes me extremely happy I found steem a number of months ago. How long before the rest of the crypto world wakes up to how fucking awesome this blockchain is?

GREAT NEWS! Thank you so very much for sharing! I love Steemit! I'm telling everyone I know on this planet about Steemit and its potential! It is such a VERY kind and helpful community! Team Steem! Blessed 2018 my Friends! :)

That's fantastic, let's finish on a high in 2017 everyone!!!

Wow keren, yang begitu besar transaksi membuat anda lebih tersenyum..😁

Nice post, Good news. It is wonderful to hear that steemit is growing by the days, from strenght to strenght. If fact, the sky is the limit of steemit. I follow and upvote you

That is astonishing. Wow, the community is really growing exponentially!

This actually a great news... Thumbs up steemit

amazing !!! thats like mooning on user base !!

It has been noticeable the last weeks. A lot more diverse posts in the 'New' section (also a lot of shitty posts too).

A small step for Steemit community, yet a giant leap for mankind. We are heading straight to the moon.

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Quick question. My sister just created an account and her steemit board is showing up as a dead minnow. She made her first post but it's not showing correctly.

She is not looking as a dead fish to me. Try to refresh your browser (CTRL+F5)

Is she following anyone? Assuming her account isn't blocked for any reason, she needs to engage the other members of this site.

Yea she is following 12 people. I think she created her account at the beginning of the month and just did her first post yesterday.

How often is she commenting? I just found out that helps just as much as posting.

I just realized you're looking at her steemit board, not her actual profile. Derp! I know nothing about that...

You can't stop the steem train! Let's keep it going!

I'll keep steeming, learning and growing. Thank you for the support @arcange.

Let's all be grateful that we are here reading this right now. It would have been better if we were on Steemit last year - but we're here now!

Question- Is each post, comment and upvote considered a transaction on the blockchain?

For steem to continue its ascent higher, liquidity will need to be increased to attract the attention of traders and investors. Right now its daily trading volume is about $6M USD according to Coinmarketcap. Ned recently said that steem should be a Top 10 crypto by market capitalization. Yet the number ten crypto right now, Monero, has a daily trading volume of $250M USD.

A very good project once I just found out about this

That’s amazing news!!! :) to the moon and beyond!!

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feeling proud for bring s steemer...upvoted