Thanks for reading and commenting. I like the concept of that, and I cheat sometimes with a little sugar. But I seldom cheat with flour. Just take my word for it - you don't want to know what happens if I have more than the occasional skerrick of the damn stuff!

By the way, let me know if you're ever going to be blogging on Paleo in English and I'll follow you. But if it's all German, there's no point :-)

I still eat grain once a week ;) german Brötchen. My kids love it. I will think about doing blog articles exclusively for steemit. Maybe i will do them in 2 languages. 😎

It's the gluten that messes with me, so no Brötchen. But I could eat something like rice or corn once a week and do occasionally have slice of gluten free bread (which I keep in the freezer). I'll follow you then.

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