Create such children's Favorite Apple Nuts Muffins

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Children love muffins, that is, cup cakes are very much like. In the market there are many flavors available in the muffins,

Children love muffins, that is, cup cakes are very much like. Although the muffins are available in many flavors in the market, but there is more to the freshened muffins at home. In these muffins, you add the drifruts along with Apple and make it as well as nutritious. Read the recipe of Apple Nuts Muffins -

material -

Apple-1 (median) (200gm)

Flour-½ cup (125 grams)

Curd-½ cup

Butter - Less than ½ cup (75 g)

Sugar - ½ cup (100 grams)

Almonds - 10 to 12

Walnut-2 Table Spoon

Powder sugar - 2 tablespoons

Baking Powder- 1 Tablespoon

Baking soda - 1/2 teaspoon

Cardamom - 4

Vanilla essence

Method -

To make Apple Nuts Muffins, peel off apple stalks first. Then, grate it

Peel the cardamom and grind the granules and mix the powder sugar in it. A mixture of powder sugar-cardamom is ready.

Apple sauce

Heat the pan by burning the gas. Put the grated apples and sugar in the hot pan. Cook it until it dissolves sugar thoroughly and until sauce is like it. Keep gas low.

As long as the apple sauce is ready, cut the nuts and prepare them. Cut almonds into 6 to 7 pieces and walnuts in small pieces. Keep running sauces in the pan, stirring in the middle. Apple becomes absolutely transparent and after becoming sugar syrup mixed with apple properly, Apple is ready with sauce, turn off the gas.


Put butter (butter) and prepared apple sauce in a big bowl. Grab both ingredients until they mix well. Take the flour in a separate big bowl and put baking soda and baking powder in it. Mix all the ingredients well.

After this, add flour-baking soda-baking powder mixture in a sauce-butter mixture. Combine all the ingredients with a little curd in it. Then put nuts in it and mix it till it gets well. After adding the nuts, add ½ teaspoon vanilla essence into the mixture and mix it. A batter is ready for the muffins.


For this, first of all, preheat the microwave at 180 degrees centigrade at convection mode. Smooth the molds of the muffins maker (tray) with some ghee or butter. Then put a little dry flour in these molds and shake it and lay the thin layer of flour around it. This allows muffins to be easily pulled out of the molds. Then, overturn the tray and flush the extra flour into a bowl.

After this, fill each set of tray with a batter in the 3/4 part, let the mold be blank. Press the batter with a spoon and do the same thing. Now, put the tray in the microwave and bake at conveyance mode at 180 degree centigrade for 20 minutes.

Check the muffins after 20 minutes. Muffins have light brown from above. Check with a knife in the muffins. If the knife is cleaned out of the mix, then the muffins will have baked and if the batter is coming on the knife then the muffins has remained raw from inside. Muffins are lightly raw, so bake them for 4 minutes and bake them. Then, check, the muffins are ready with golden brown. The muffins have taken 24 minutes to bake full.

After the muffins is cooled down, sprinkle the mixture of powder sugar - cardamom by sprinkling the muffins using the sieve and garnish. Apple Nuts Muffins are ready, you can eat them for 3 to 4 days by putting them in the refrigerator.


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